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It’s historical, says Chitimukulu

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…Arrives With An Entourage Of OVER 100 Royal Members

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people has arrived in Mongu to grace the 2024 Koumboka Traditional ceremony of the Lozi people.

The ceremony slated for this Saturday has been marred with controversy over the Guest Honour following the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) decision to invite Paramount Chitimukulu and not President Hakainde Hichilema.

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu described his visit to Western province as a historical moment for the country and the two tribes.

Speaking shortly before departure from Kasama Airport, the Bemba Chief said the visit and him officiating at the ceremony marks the beginning of the two tribes cementing their relationship.

He told the media that his Entourage comprising of over 100 people with others already in Mongu will be in the Barotseland to learn the culture and other things about the Barotse people.

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu visit is a reciprocation to the Lozi King who this year was invited at the Bemba Traditional ceremony.

The Bemba Chief flew from Kasama aboad a Zambia Airforce Force plane to Mongu Airport where he was welcomed by the Litunga himself at a colorful event.

This controversy comes with President Hichilema who has not been invited vow to attend the event as a Citizen.

Sources within the BRE and Government say effort to persuade the organizers to have President Hichilema as Guest of Honour has proved futile.

The BRE refused to make last minute changes after Government came in to have President Hichilema as a Guest of Honour.

There is an impasse between Limulonga, the Palace of the Litunga and Community House following President Hichilema’s remarks that there is no place in Zambia called Barotseland. The words which didn’t go well with Barotseland Activists who have been fighting to have the Barotse Agreement of 1964 which brought the two countries – Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland as one Nation called Zambia.

Again officiating at the 2024 Nc’wala Traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people, President Hichilema vowed that Zambia will remain one country.

State House today announced that President Hichilema will be attending the Koumboka ceremony as a Citizen.

It remains to be seen on how the event will be held as the Head of State is supposed to be a Guest of Honour if in attendance.

There are already reports of clashes between the UPND Cadres and the Barotse Activists. The local media in the region reported that one Activist had been attacked today.

Footage by Diamond TV shows the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu arriving in Mongu.


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