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Slap Dee’s ‘Black na White’ album hits 8 million streams on Boomplay

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Slap Dee’s new album Black na White (BW3) has hit 1 million streams on Boomplay in 8 hours.

The album was released today 23 February, 2024.

Slap Dee’s latest album, “Black Na White 3,” showcases as a testament to his enduring influence in the Zambian hip-hop scene.

With a tracklist of 22 songs, the project should boast an abundance of material.

However, this surplus, while offering more content, occasionally results in moments where the album feels a tad stretched, potentially testing the listener’s engagement. (Subjective I know)

Hub Media Network reports that slap Dee, is a seasoned rapper with a dedicated fan base, he doesn’t disappoint with his lyrical prowess.

His verses reflect a level of consistency that fans have come to expect, staying true to his signature style.

The album’s diverse range of featured artists Like Macky 2, 76 Drums, Jae Cash, Vinchenzo and Elisha Long add depth, and they do their best to carry their weight, contributing to the overall appeal of the project.

The production quality on “Black Na White 3” is a standout feature, showcasing Slap Dee’s commitment to delivering a polished sound as compared to BW 1 and 2.

The beats are well-crafted contributing to the album’s overall cohesiveness.

While the album is a commendable addition to Slap Dee’s discography, there’s a recurring theme of addressing the lack of support from fans.

This sentiment, expressed through various tracks, especially Sorry ft Dimpo Williams can feel a bit harsh considering that it is these very fans who have played a pivotal role in shaping Slap Dee’s prominence in the Zambian hip-hop landscape.


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