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Unity in the Zambian Music Scene: Jemax Lends Support to Slapdee’s “Black na White 3” Album

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Slap Dee

In a heartening display of unity and camaraderie, Zambian artist Jemax has taken to social media to voice his support for fellow musician Slapdee’s latest album, “Black na White 3.” This gesture not only showcases the strength of the Zambian music scene but also highlights the importance of artists uplifting one another.

Jemax’s enthusiastic comments about the album have encouraged fans to “put some respect” on the project, emphasizing its significance and urging listeners to give it their full attention. His support has undoubtedly contributed to the album’s success and created a sense of anticipation among fans.

The “Black na White 3” album, which features a mix of hip-hop and Afrobeat tracks like “Zee Maningi” and “Sorry,” has been praised for its production and lyrical content. Fans and critics alike have hailed the album as Slapdee’s best work to date, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the Zambian music industry.

Jemax’s backing of Slapdee’s album underscores the significance of collaboration and mutual respect among artists. By promoting each other’s work and sharing in their successes, musicians can foster a supportive environment where creativity and innovation thrive. This camaraderie within the Zambian music scene serves as a shining example for artists worldwide.

Furthermore, Jemax’s actions demonstrate the potential impact of social media in the music industry. Through his posts, he has been able to generate excitement around the album and connect with fans on a deeper level. This level of engagement enables artists to build strong relationships with their audience, ensuring their music reaches a wider audience and gains the recognition it deserves.

In conclusion, the unity displayed by Jemax in his support of Slapdee’s “Black na White 3” album serves as a testament to the strength and vibrancy of the Zambian music scene. By celebrating the achievements of their peers, artists can create a positive and thriving environment where their craft can flourish. As fans continue to enjoy the album, the impact of Jemax’s support is sure to be felt, solidifying the bonds within the Zambian music community.


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