Zed Twitter ‘exposes’ rapists

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A Zambian Twitter page has set social media alight after it gave a platform to victims of rape and other forms of sexual misconduct to name and shame their abusers – some of whom are well-known public figures.

In a tweet that was posted at 09:00 AM on Tuesday, the page whose handle is @bald_medusa invites rape victims to send in private messages detailing their experiences while revealing the names and other details of the perpetrators.

Screenshots of the private messages are then shared in the comments section without revealing the identities of the alleged victims.

“Please if you see this tweet and would like to name and shame your abuser dm me, I’ll post it anonymously so you are safe, I’m tired of living and engaging amongst rapists, if he has ever violated you in anyway, dm me his name or handle if he’s on social media,” reads the tweet that has since received overwhelming response.


At the time of writing, the tweet had been liked 871 times and retweeted 737 times.


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