Govt not serious about austerity measures

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Charles Kakoma

The opposition UPND says it will not take seriously the recently announced austerity measures by government alleging that they have failed to be prudent in the use of resources.

Party Spokesperson, Charles Kakoma notes that as things stand, the PF have become consistently inconsistent and must not be trusted.

Kakoma told Phoenix News that at a time that government is telling Zambians to tighten their belts, government officials are not walking the talk as some austerity measures announced by finance minister Margaret Mwanakatwe such as reducing expenditures related to both local and foreign travel are not been followed.

Citing President Edgar Lungu’s recent trip to turkey and the sending of five cabinet ministers to china to hold discussions with Chinese authorities and financiers on debts, Kakoma said it will be difficult for Zambians to wholesomely trust the PF leaders because they have proved to be unreliable over their promises.

The UPND says it is of the view that government sends only the finance minister for such an undertaking to be assisted by the embassy staff.



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  1. Kakoma,
    You are a let down. Can you surely think that the country should stop running because we as a nation have to be thrift? You condemn the going to China of government officials as ‘cow dung’!? Please Kakoma don’t prove your relevance by commenting any how. Provide on this fora the alternative plan to move the country forward. Please stop wasting my time……

    The Watchman
    July 17, 2018 at 7:24 pm

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