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It does not matter how qualified a facilitator or mediator is, the number one ingredient to a successful dialogue is to have one who is accepted by all parties, just like the Church.

Question 1. What is ZCID?
Answer: ZCID is the Zambia Centre for Inter-Party Dialogue.

RW: Funded by the government and is yet to publish an activity report for Zambians.

Question 2. What is the mandate of ZCID?
Answer: The mandate of ZCID is to lead and facilitate dialogue among political parties.

RW: That is the mandate given by the member political parties and not the Zambian people nor the constitution.

Question 3. Who are the members of ZCID?
Answer: The members of ZCID are PF, UPND, MMD, FDD and all other registered political parties in Zambia.

RW: Basically it is not an institution independent of these political parties. It is a political party self-serving club.

Question 4. Who sits on the board of ZCID?
Answer: The ZCID board comprises Secretaries General and Deputy Secretary-General from PF, UPND, MMD, FDD and Two Presidents representing political parties outside parliament.

RW: Members who sit on the board cannot guarantee the upholding of interests of their parties as the can be outvoted.

Question 5. Who has been Charing the Board of ZCID for the past seven (7) years?
Answer: The UPND has been Charing the Board of ZCID for the past seven years.
End of Question And Answer Session.

RW: If the party chairing ZCID thinks ZCID has no capacity. Then that’s is a very revealing and credible statement.

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