You’re doing exactly what people voted PF out of power for, Kambwili tells UPND gvt

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Patriotic Front (PF) member Chishimba Kambwili has called for the unconditionally release of Raphael Nakacinda from police cells.

Adressing the press from his residence in Lusaka, Kambwili noted that the term “tekeniko amatako panshi” by Nakacinda is not an insult, and will never be an insult, but simply means take it easy.

“In Bemba, they are certain ldioms and expressions that may sound insulting and colloque in nature, but are not insults,” he explained.

Kambwili has also bemoaned the arrest of political opponents not only those from the Patriotic Front ( PF) but generally.

“Police have been used in the past regime to intimidate and arrest people unnecessarily, which has continued,” he said.

He added that to arrest Nakacinda over what he said is a total embarrassment of the system.

“So far President Hakainde Hichilema has shown us that he is a President that can not walk the talk, but only talks the talk.

President Hichilema told the international community donors that freedom had come to Zambia following his election as Republican President,” Kambwili said.

Kambwili has since urged the new dawn administration not to continue with what used to happen in the past, adding that the continuation of the police state is the more reason the Zambian people removed the PF from power.

Yesterday, police warned and cautioned Raphael Nakacinda for the offence proposing violence contrary to section 91(1)(C) and defamation of the President contrary Section 69 of the penal code of the laws of Zambia.


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