UPND wants a stop to illegal mining

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The opposition UPND has pleaded with government to put an end to the illegal plunder of the country’s mineral resources.

UPND chairperson for mines Percy Chanda says only a few are benefiting from the country’s mineral wealth while the majority wallow in poverty.

In a statement today, Chanda said: “The PF regime does not care what happens to this Country as long as they are able to steal and live extravagant lives. This is why under PF you would find a Permanent Secretary closing an illegal mine while the Ministry of Mines remains mute. With this attitude how much of our resources is being plundered illegally throughout the Country? Stop this illegal plunder of mineral resources. Equally, the Ministry of labour is in deep coma. They will only wake up once Zambians kick them out. These challenges can only be attributed to poor and corrupt PF leadership.”

Chanda charged that the Ministry of Mines is failing to correct the wrongs that are going on in the mining industry.

“Our mines at one time were run by Zambians from an Artisan to the Chief Engineering Manager, from a Shift Boss to the Mine Manager and from a General worker to the General Manger. The Ministry of Mines was operating as a Ministry and not as a PF Kantemba. Today a lot of wrong things are going on the mines while the Ministry of Mines is just watching. PF has allowed being arm twisted by the mine owners like a small boy with stolen sweets in his mouth. Anyway what can one expect from a corrupt regime?

“Listening to the cries of Miners, it’s very clear that Miners are very disappointed with PF, they have been neglected. Gone are the days when a Miner was proud of his job and displayed a hard hat (ICIMPOMPO) at the back of his car as a symbol of identity in society. In those days a Miner did not need to produce the NRC at any Police road block, his ID was enough to allow him pass without questions. A Miner was recognized for his hard work and contribution to the Country’s economy.”

He regretted that under PF regime a Miner has been reduced to a casual worker with no job security.

“A Miner reports for work but not too sure if he will have a job the following day. The PF retirement age of 65 years is only applicable to expatriates. The Zambian Miner is retired at as young as 30 years. This is what PF has done to the Miners.

“HH and the UPND are aware of the challenges Miners and other employees are going through under the PF regime. Never lose hope as help is on the way. There is no Political will in the PF regime to sort out the mess. Our minerals have benefited other people than the ordinary Zambians. Be assured that things will change very soon under HH and the UPND. We know exactly what is required to fix these problems. HH and the UPND are very grateful to the Miners and other workers for their support. Under HH and the UPND no employee will go for months without pay and no worker will be mistreated by any employer. UPND will restore sanity and order in the Mining Industry.”



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