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10 eye Lusaka City Mayor position under PF

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Lusaka City

About 10 Youths from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) are vying to represent the party on the position of Mayor of Lusaka.

The position fell vacant following the death of Wilson Kalumba who died earlier last week and was buried on Friday.

The race is tight in the PF and a number of youthful persons are eying for the seat.

UPND, the main opposition party there is no information coming out so far.

Alexander Nkosi now analysis the candidates vying for the position under PF:

Youths are the best performing civic leaders. We have seen it with Christopher Kang’ombe, Rashida Mulenga and Nathan Chanda. Lusaka district needs a lot of attention. The message from people on the ground is clear, they want a competent youth as their next mayor. Eight strong names have been suggested from people on the ground. The President has emphasised he wants to have more youths in key leadership positions. The Secretary General has stood firm and promoted youths in key positions.

1. Sunday Chilufya Chanda: A lawyer by profession. Current PF Media Director, a position he earned out of commitment and hard work. He is a people person who has dedicated his life to speaking for the underprivileged. Sunday Chilufya Chanda is ready to step up. Sunday does not need any introduction. Lusaka residents know Sunday.

2. Balaam Mwila: One of the best engineers this country has. He is specialised in urban planning and development with over 20 years experience in city planning, waste management projects, urban water and sanitation engineering, informal sector trade and development, urban agriculture and civil engineering. Balaam has being involved in several municipal development projects in developing countries. He has been actively involved in designing successful public private partnerships for municipalities. His experience working on projects aimed at transforming the informal traders into formal traders is vital. He is a committed and loyal member of the patriotic front.

3. Chilando Chitangala: She is the deputy mayor. A dedicated member of the party who has shown commitment to improving the welfare of Lusaka residents.

4. Christopher Shakafuswa: He does not need any introduction. He is Christopher Shakafuswa. That’s him.

5. Chendela Erasmus Mukondo: He has risen through various positions in the party. He is a qualified accountant whose loyalty and commitment is admirable. He has over 15 years of council strategic experience. Chendela is a people person, a friend of all.

6. Maria Zileni Zaloumis: This list would be incomplete without her name. The famous Zed farmer is an example to all regardless of political affiliation. A qualified medical professional who has transformed farming. She is a pioneer of youths in agriculture. The youngest board member of the Zambia National Farmers Union.

7. Dr. Natasha Salifyanji Kaoma: She is arguably one of the best youths this country has. A first class medical doctor who is founder of Copper Rose. She has championed reproductive health amongst youths across the country. She has received recognition at global level for her commitment to promoting sanitation for the girl child. She was born to lead.

8. Bernadette Deka: Chief Executive Officer for the Policy Monitoring and Research Centre, one of the best economic think tanks in the country. She has represented the country at regional, continental and global levels. She is one of the youngest and influential leaders this country has. A champion of policy analysis and development communication


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