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UKA Council makes appointments

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The United Kwacha Alliance, UKA Council of Presidents, COP has made and approved the following appointments within the Council;

1. UKA Vice Chairperson- President Chishala Kateka, NHP

2. UKA Treasurer General- President Edith Nawakwi, FDD

3. UKA Chairperson Security- President Sean Enoch Tembo, PeP

Other positions in the UKA Council of Presidents, COP include;

4. UKA Chairperson Elections- President Harry Kalaba, CF

5. UKA Chairperson Media- President Saboi Imboela, NDC

6. UKA Chairperson Commmuications- President Jackson Silavwe, GPZ

7. UKA Chairperson- President Sakwiba Sikota, ULP

The UKA Council appointments are aimed at making the alliance more efficient and responsive to propel the peoples movement to even more greater heights.

More appointments to be be announced in the course of this week.

Silavwe Jackson
Chairperson Commmuications
United Kwacha Alliance-UKA

9th June 2024


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