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Is it true, or its politicking

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The people in the picture are said to be some University Students studying due to load shedding according to the opposition, PF.

They say: “this is what HH has brought.”

Our Comment: The opposition has been successfully reminding Zambians about the unfulfilled campaign promises by President Hakainde Hichilema

They have painted him as liar due to his unfulfilled campaign promises. But there are not doing the important thing OFFER ALTERNATIVES. Since President Hichilema has failed or is a failed project as they say. What is it that they are going to do if entrusted with power? This they are not saying.

What are they going to do to address the loadshedding if given the mandate? True and 100 percent, we agree the power outage is a serious economic issue which has impacted negative on the economy.

It needs a lasting solution. We don’t what has happened to the promise by Hichilema on this issue. He said the rain was not an issue but leadership. We remember he even gave an example of a country in a desert but has no energy crises.

The sad situation is that at least according to what we know there is no plan on how this problem is being addressed. We are waiting for the rain season. What then will become of our country if this time around, June we are going half the day without power. What happens by September – August? Where is the Committed that was set to look into this problem? What about those Investors from Middle East, United Arab Emirates?

How much power is being exported? Wouldn’t canceling these exports help abite? This energy crises is real and needs urgent solution by the Hichilema administration. Keeping quiet will not help matters but instead sink the already struggling economy.

So Ba opposition United Kwacha Alliance – UKA and Socialist Party Zambia what are your immediate and long term solutions to address this problem? We heard Fred M’membe saying his long term would be to setup a plant in each region. But what is the time frame? What is the immediate or short term solutions?

We are tired of this cheap but nothing talk from politicians who ride on people’s ignorance. It’s time to be accountable and responsible.


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