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Trucks stranded at Kasumbalesa border

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Hundreds of International trucks are marooned on the Zambian side at Kasumbalesa border Post, the entry into Congo DR as Drivers are protesting against driving into that country due to insecurity.

The protest follows allegations that a truck driver from Zimbabwe was allegedly shot by Congo DR state security, a situation that has angered other drivers from the Southern African countries. The drivers are saying there is no way they can be killed like criminals when they are legally cleared when entering the country.

The drivers who have parked their trucks at the Kasumbalesa border and have vowed not to drive into Congo DR until authorities in that country assure them of their security.

Congo DR is one of the World’s major producer precious minerals which are exported overseas through the South African seaports.

In October 2, 2012 over 600 trucks could not drive into Congo DR after drivers protested against harassment by traffic officers in that country. Drivers alleged that the traffic officers charged them exorbitant fees for small offences.


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