‘Tribalist’ nurse suspended

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Chilufya Chitalu

Ministry of Health has suspended the nurse who is alleged to have refused to attend to a patient in Kalomo, Southern Province for failing to speak Tonga.

Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya says his ministry and the government at large do not tolerate tribalism.

He adds that the General Nursing Council of Zambia has for the last two days carried out extensive investigations and have arrived at the decision to suspend the health officer until further notice.

The nurse of Mawaya Clinic in Kalomo was captured on video by his accuser who had taken a sick child to the clinic.



Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya said investigations had been conducted with the health officer suspended until further notice.

A male nurse of Mawaya Clinic in Kalomo was captured on video by her victim who had taken a sick child to the clinic.
However, the male nurse refused to attend to her after she could not master any communication in Tonga.


2 Responses to ‘Tribalist’ nurse suspended

  1. In this life, it is always important to get to the bottom of things before passing judgement. If the above report is true, my urgent question is who constituted a board of inquiry?. What were the findings from
    1. The accuser
    2. The accused
    3. Real time witnesses
    What were the concluded observations to justify the measures taken.
    I feel it would be prudent for the powers that be to inform the public of the findings and the preventative measures taken so as to deter future wrong doers whether be it the accuser or the accused. My opinion

    The Watchman
    January 2, 2019 at 10:08 pm

  2. Tonga’s are yet to suffer more harassment from this government.

    Samuel sikalongo
    January 3, 2019 at 1:40 am

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