Doctors hit back at Larry Mweetwa

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The doctors who participated in last week’s operation to separate seven month old conjoined twins, who shared a liver, have expressed shock at the manner in which UK-based medical expert Larry Mweetwa attempted to demean their achievement.

Dr Mweetwa, on Friday, stated that performing an operation on Siamese twins is nothing to celebrate as the procedure was as now as simple as performing circumcision.

But neurosurgeon Dr Kachizya Sichinga said the 30 member medical team that successfully performed the operation is shocked by Dr Mweetwa’s assertions.

Below is Dr Sichizya’s statement

What is so “s**thole” about the Medical Practitioner?

The rather derogatory word “s**thole”, reported to have been uttered by one major World leader has been taken to another level by another gentleman.

Whereas this gentleman’s analysis about the surgery to separate the Siamese Twins was almost acceptable, given he had not fully comprehended the extent of the operation as he insisted it only involved intestines(you may read Mulindi Mwanahamuntu’s writeup for a better understanding of the whole operation), it was his diatribe against the Medical Practitioner that has left many of us shocked.

What is so “s**thole” about a medical practitioner?

I have read and re-read his posting and still don’t seem to understand how this got into his otherwise reasonably researched writing, especially that the media and the public in general have given credit to everyone who participated in this operation.

The Zambian society generally gives respect to doctors. To get into medical school anywhere in the world is challenging. It was even more difficult in Zambia a few years ago when there was only one medical school that picked less than 50 students from hundreds competing to get into 3rd year. These were further vetted until only 30 made it to become doctors. Only the creme de la creme made it to the finish line.

This is the reason the Zambian trained doctors tend to shine when they go into the diaspora to further their careers. It is because the panel-beating they receive during their training is second to none, despite the many challenges in terms of equipment.

Thankfully, the Government of Zambia through the MOH has worked very hard to improve the provision of medical services by acquiring modern equipment and encouraging Specialist Training through the STP program which is starting this week(And I am so excited about It!).

We celebrate the surgeons and every level of cadres who were involved in this operation and we continue to pray for the quick recovery of the twins.

Prior to the surgery, weekly Inter-disciplinary meetings involving diverse experts were held to plan for this operation. These included surgeons, paediatricians, radiologists, anaesthetists, pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists, social workers and spiritual directors and many more, under the expert care of The Women and Newborn Hospital Senior Medical Superitendant Dr Chisembele.

Dr Mulindi Mwanahamuntu chaired the meetings. Dr Gen. Adrian Maleya, the consultant radiologist from Zambia Army guided the team from the imaging point of view, maybe one of the most crucial components of the planning process.

The MOH gave significant support and they are commended highly.

This operation might have been done in other African countries, but this one is ours! Indeed in any match, you will normally only cheer when the home team scores.

The Home Team has scored a major goal! Zambia, We celebrate. Glory be to God.


4 Responses to Doctors hit back at Larry Mweetwa

  1. Larry Mweetwa I hope you have read what the doctors in Zambia have said in hitting back at you. My dear, it would be wise that you stop making enemies back home. Stop under rating the professionals in whom we Zambians have so much respect and hope. You decided to leave Macha Village and Zambia as a whole in preference for life in the diaspora, so, stop making disparaging remarks about the Zambians who have decided to remain in Zambia. It is not necessary. If you want to make comments maybe comment about the Pharmacy profession…not surgeons. It is best to live in peace with all men as the bible says. Be it politics, you want to fight, be it medical you want to is wrong. Just a word of advice.

    To our surgeons, well done. To Bupe and Mapalo, may the Lord’s healing hand be upon you. God bless.

    The Surgeon
    February 6, 2018 at 9:39 am

  2. We salute our Doctors for the job well done, it is easy said than done. Pliz let us learn to appreciate pipo in live, stop the me me, every thing is me. We first thank our God for giving you wisdom to perform. Long live Bupe and Mapalo, parents to these babies make sure you pray for these babies there is a very big and touching testimony in their lives.Our DOCTORS I salute you.

    namalambo price
    February 6, 2018 at 9:52 am

  3. LARRY is right…you are missing his point here…thanks to the doctors who did this operation…Such kind of operation should not be one of its kind after 50yrs of independence…He is trying to tell us how behind we are Zambians…Why do these guys go abroad for their Medication yet a poor Zambian goes to UTH…?…Thats why we still have patients sleeping on the floor at UTH yet those in government are busy fattening their pockets…How much money has been stolen through all these tenders they call development…millitary uniforms…fire trucks…ambulances….we should not be blinded by something that other countries have been doing for years…those in government should utilise the resources and funds the country is having to such kind of operations…Buy beds for patients pls…

    February 6, 2018 at 12:26 pm

  4. The point Larry is trying to drive home is simple…Doctors you did a good job under these horrible conditions….the government have failed you and the HAELTH sector…A country of 17 million people still relying on UTH after 50yrs of independence…Medical doctors working under dilapidated UTH that lacks the proper equipement for Doctors to use…patients sleeping down on the floor..for how long…not having enough doctors…(tenders)those 42 million dollar fire trucks they bought…instead of improving UTH hospital…ambulances…military uniforms…Road tenders…Lungu and his collegues have accumulated so much money that could ve been used to send students to go and study medicine abroad let alone improve the local medical school…most Zambians cant see the bigger picture…cause they ve come to accept poverty thinking that life is like that…these politicians have taken us for a ride for so many years yet we are not willing to fight them and hold them to account…its time Zambians

    February 6, 2018 at 12:52 pm

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