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The Govt panic over Lungu

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Home Affairs Minister, Jack Mwiimbu

Our view:

Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu says government is studying the video and other surrounding activities involving former president Edgar Lungu in Kabwe on Friday.

From the different statements coming from government officials including Mwiimbu today, it is clear that the UPND Administration is looking on where to pin Lungu to slow him down in his political activities.

There seem to be panic in the UPND camp following Lungu’s public appearances and the attention he is getting. Zambian Eye can confirm that they are panicking and they don’t know what to do with him.

Former President Edgar Lungu

Lungu equally seem to have calculated his moves and he is touching where it matters most. He is not scared of them as Raphael Nakachinda said yesterday, they are cowards and their fears are making them do desperate things such as the one yesterday where a Police In charge in Kabwe had to storm the Roman Catholic Church Bishop’s office to disrupt a meeting. A meeting the Bishop had with Lungu in his office. The conduct of the Police officer was clear that he was being used and did not even believe in what he was doing. That is what desperation does, you do the unbelievable.

President Hakainde Hichilema

The Hakainde Hichilema administration is playing into Lungu’s game. Lungu is attacking and they are in the defensive. They are defending with panic making a lot of mistakes that could led into them making fouls which would warrant a red card.

The UPND must relax with Lungu otherwise they are making him popular. They are building him and preparing him to indeed come back, (kubwelelapo) the thing, they detest.

What they don’t understand is that it is not them UPND or him Hakainde to decide the fate of Lungu. It’s the people of Zambia.

Hichilema and his league must learn from history. Look at what Lungu talked about him and that he would never be president of Zambia. But today he is President of Zambia.

It’s the people. It’s the people power that counts.Unfortunately, the economic and social indicators are far unfavorable to Hichilema and his government. Worse off a narrative has been created of him being a Liar and that he lied through to the presidency. This is what has made Lungu come out. He is ridding on this score with the backing of the hungry public who feel cheated by Hichilema.

The energy crisis or loadsheding, water rationing and high cost of living are issues have not yet at least been fixed as promised by Hakainde and are making life difficult. They had hoped for a better life under his leadership and things seems to be getting worse. These are issues Hichilema and his league must pay attention to. Once these are sorted out Lungu will be irrelevant. They will ignore him. You will not need to send battalion of Armed Police Officers hovering around him. You will have peaceful nights without dreaming of Alebwelelapo.

Currently, Lungu and his PF seems to be the big agenda of Hichilema and his league. They are always scheming on how to get him out of the equation as 2026 draws near.

Mwiimbu whose Ministry is in charge of the Police repeatedly remark today of Lungu’s immunity gives a signal that he could be arrested anytime. He says Lungu can be arrested for any transgressions committed after he left office. It is clear that the UPND Administration would want to silence Lungu by arresting him and restrict his movement.

Our advise however is that they need to take precaution and exercise restrainant as any attempt could backfire and they could fail to manage the situation. The people are already in pain. They are hungry as Hichilema himself would say that when people hungry they become angry.

Lungu has made it clear that he is ready to face them head on. The last public appearance in Lusaka seemed calculated. We recommend the Police for handling the issue well without being emotional.

Hichilema and his league must not focus on Lungu but the effects that has seen him emerge and attract public sympathy. The UPND is no longer in opposition and has the mandate to protect and ensure safety and security of all Citizens. Self interest must not override public interest. Zambia has enjoyed peace for the last six decades and this must be maintained.

Zambian Eye, 18th May 2024.


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