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Police should thank Lungu for advising HH- Kalaba

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Citizens First leader Harry Kalaba says the truth of the matter is that going by the hunger and anger levels in the country; the police should be thankful to Former President Edgar Lungu for that advice to President Hakainde Hichilema.

Kalaba wrote in a press statement seen by Zambian Eye.

I have received queries from members of the press seeking to hear our position as CF on the statement by the 6th Republican President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu following the continued abuse on himself and some members of his party from the government through the state sponsored Police.

Our take is that the caution Dr. Lungu was giving is very timely advice and any well meaning leader must take with open arms. Instead, our Police force is planning to effect an arrest on the former President as a way of sending fear in him and the rest of the citizens who feel disenfranchised by the shrinking political space.

What Dr. Lungu raised as a concern, is what he and president Hakainde should be discussing if the two had a cordial relation. If indeed as president Hakainde had said in one of his public appearances that the two were talking, these are issues that the former head of state should have been advising the president about, but in the absence of that channel of communication, he is left with no option but to use the media to send timely warning to his successor.

What is worrying is that, while Dr. Lungu was raising his concerns around the cause and effects of a brutal police force and a diminished political space, it is ironic that the police command had opted to ignore the cause and decided to focus on the effect. The truth of the matter is that going by the hunger and anger levels in the country; the police should be thankful to Dr. Lungu for that advice to the head of state.

We call upon the Police to holster their guns and stand down on their plans to effect an arrest on the former President. He highlighting the Effect, let President Hakainde deal with the Cause which is police brutality and diminishing political space. These are facts and the advice is timely.

We have heard people arguing that to whom much is given much is expected; but we would like to know what has been given to President Lungu to expect much from him. The last we checked his salary, his security and all the privileges due to a former head of state were withdrawn. In the eyes of President HH, President Lungu is just an ordinary citizen so why don’t you want him to speak out for the suffering masses when things are not going well?
We ask the police to stand down and re echo the concerns raised by Dr. Lungu to president Hakainde. This country needs healing and food security, arresting political opponents will neither produce food nor will it heal the nation but will only help to ignite it and divide us further.

Harry Kalaba
President – CF (A member of the United Kwacha Alliance)


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