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Mumbi Phiri: 376 days in jail

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Mumbi Phiri has become the longest detained Zambian female politician after spending 376 days in prison.

She was accused of murder of UPND Cadre Lawrence Banda in 2019 in Kaoma during a by-election.

Mumbi a former Secretary General Deputy was only arrested after change of government in February of 2022.

She was arrested in Lusaka and driven in the night to Kaoma the scene of the murder case. She was reminded there before being transferred to Mongo Remand Prison.

Mumbi a vocal and critic of UPND Leader and now republican president Hakainde Hichilema had been in prison during the period of trial.

A few hours before High Judge Charles Zulu was to deliver a judgement, the State entered a nolle prosequi for Mumbi while hours later her co-accused Sherby Chilekwa was convicted.

Mumbi now beats the latest record of political detention of 127 days Hakainde Hichilema spent during a politically engineered treason case in 2017.

Here Mumbi gestures her party symbol as she walked out of prison.


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