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The dangers and shortcomings in the Patriotic Front party

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By Fidelis Solomon Ngoma

Objective conditions of democracy and incumbency have given birth to new sujective weaknesses on the party of the PF as the leader of the government business and society in general.

In my view, there are three main shortcomings and dangers that have that continue to bedevil the PF post-2014 period,

Firstly, the challenges of governance and political management of the government power have been impacting on the character and values of the PF as the movement for transformation and servant of both the poor and rich people of Zambia. Due to the preoccupation with managing internal conflicts, the movement has not been mitigating the dangers that any governing party has to contend with and manage the danger of social distance and isolation of the party from masses, the danger of government bureacratic and isolation of the masses rather than place them at the centre of our efforts to change our society fundamentally.

Necessarily, the need for the party’s renewal is to comprehensively address all the challenges faced by our movement as it begins its internal party elections in July later this year .

Mobilisation of the grassroots members as the owners of the party , the danger of corruption and sins of incumbency, the danger of institutionalized factionalism, ill-discipline and disunity fuelled and inspired by the battles over the control of government power and resources, the danger of government insitutitons  and media houses to settle inner-party differences;

The danger of neglecting cadre policy, what have we done for our cadres without skills to be deployed in various government institutions to be the eyes of the party since 2016. Now a decade of a cadre, the danger of lack of capacity and capability to implement policies,  the danger of gate-keeping  and bulk buying of membership as defections, the danger of character and political assassinations and so on.

Secondly, the political life of the organisation revolves around insidious internal strife and factional battles for power, this is a silent retreat from the mass line to palace politics of factionalism and perpetual in-fighting internal strife revolves around contestation for power and government resources, rather than differences on how to implement the policies of the party. This situation has shifted the focus of the cadres and members of the party away from societal concerns and peoples aspirations.

These circumstances have produced a new type of PF Leaders and members who sees ill-discipline, divisons, factionalism and in-fighting as normal practices and necessary forms of political survival. Drastic measures and consistent action against these negative tendencies are necessary to root out anarchy and moral decay.

Thirdly and lastly, the PF capabilties-structure systems and processes-do not match the tasks and demands of  the current phase of the revolution. Although we have a presence of progressive policies and cadres in virtually all pillars of transformation, we are not deliberately building appropriate capabilities to mobilise, engage and lead the motive and progressive forces in these pillars and therefore draw the linkages between pillar and sectoral processes and the overall national objective.

The PF Central Committee should rapidly train and deliberately deploy competent cadres in accordance with the pillars of our current strategy, the grassroots structures should reinforce the authority of the SG and Party’s National Chairperson to take and implement decisions of the Policy Conference recommendations and swiftly deal with those Ministers, MPs, Mayors etcs who can not perform on the party’s ticket,

The Party must adopt serious strategy for mobilisation as required to re-organise as to concentrate on grassroot mobilisation and direct action, Campiagn coordinating structures,joint action.

Let those with wisdom pick something from this article and let those who love the party advice those in authority to do the right thing.

Let peace and love be with us,

God bless the memory of one Micheal.C.Sata founding   father of the Patriotic Front.

God bless Mother Zambia
Yours in the spirit of one Zambia, one Nation,


The author of the article holds BA in political Science and Public Law


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