Sata bans eating cakes at his Nkwazi House

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President Michael Sata has disclosed that he has banned his wife Dr. Christine Kaseba from serving cakes for the first family at their Nkwazi residence in State House.

The Zambian leader says the First family cannot be enjoying having cakes when many Zambians cannot avoid to have it. He said one cannot find a cake at their residence apart from nsima which he also says many families cannot avoid due to high poverty levels.

The Head of State said this at State House on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 when he met pupils under the Junior Achievers Mentorship Programme who were hosted by First Lady. The children had lunch with the first family. President Sata said only few people are able to avoid meals and urged the pupils to work hard.

President Sata told the pupils that he understand the difficulties many Zambians were going through because he was from a poor family. He emphasized the need for education and importance of teachers in the country.

The President explained that Zambia would not exist without teachers saying there was need to look after them well. President Sata also interacted with the pupils and took time to get pictures with them.
Speaking at the same occasion, Dr. Kaseba asked the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocation Training and Early Education to consider providing a fund to help girl children especially those who come from rural vulnerable communities. She also called for prioritization of career guidance in schools.


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