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Sata finally settles for Alexander Chikwanda

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Alexander Chikwanda

Alexander Chikwanda

President Michael Sata has settled for Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda to take over when he resigns due to poor health, an insider has told Zambian Eye.

An Insider explained that the task for Sata to pick a successor during a transition has been a difficult one but finally he has opted for Chikwanda who is also his relation. Chikwanda is President Sata’s Uncle.

President Sata is said to have been weighing at the options to avoid going through what former president Frederick Chiluba did where he picked someone who later started pursuing him for corruption charges.

Chikwanda is seen to be loyal and that he would not betray his own relative who had brought him from retirement and give him a senior Ministerial position at Finance.

“They feel Chikwanda will take of the Sata family and later help a youthful person to take over,” says the insider.

The Insider say Chikwanda who is the only Minister currently with access to President Sata who is not well has since been informed about the decision. Chikwanda is said to have been reluctant but after he was told of what is at stake in the event that power is lost, he had to accept to carry the task.

“The issue of maturity, relation and someone who could unite cabinet was extensively looked at and explained to Ba Chikwanda. He was actually told that he could equally be inconvenienced if power is lost ” the Insider narrated.

As for the PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, the Insider say apart from him not being liked in the party, the President is not comfortable with his associates and feels could be influenced to do anything.

The Insider say initially Kabimba who is also Justice Minister was tipped to be the Successor but there is change of mind.

“Forces that surround Kabimba has made the boss to think twice that he could not be relied on. He is alive of what happened to Ba Chiluba and is trying by all means not to fall in the same ditch,” the insider said.

The insider say, initially President Sata wanted his son, Mulenga but it seems time is running out to position him. It has been agreed that Chikwanda can carry the mantle and while Mulenga is being prepared for the future to avoid risk loosing power.

A transition process is being hatched that will see Chikwanda being appointed Acting President as Sata is now set to steep aside due to his failing health.

“You will see! You have¬† seen already that Chikwanda is now speaking with authority. You head him on ZNBC yesterday warning those wanting to take over from Sata,” the source said.

The plan now is to retain the power at all cost but do it smartly that in the process the party remains united not to give an opportunity to the opposition, the insider explained.

The Insider say the Kabimba camp seem to have gotten wind of this information hence a scattering attack on Chikwanda. He says Sata would not want to injure the Kabimba camp in the process to avoid some division that could weaken the party.

He explains that the system is being handled tactfully because the Kabimba camp is equally powerful.

President Sata has not been head speaking in public for close to three months now. He has been delegating his Ministers for events that are expected to be attended by a Head of State.

There are two major events in the next two months, official opening of Parliament in September 19 and 50th Independence Anniversary on October 24 both expected to be officiated by the President.




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