Sampa’s activities in Kasama annoys GBM supporters

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Press Statement: By Friends of Hon. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba Kasama Central MP.

Its been appalling to see one who claims to be a civic person and his little known ngo doing political campaign like activities in a constituency with a sitting MP without even his office notified of such. We think all the people of Kasama did was to stand up to maintain sanity. Over a period of almost a month the general public have been asking when the area MP stopped representing them and seat declared vacant because of late they see someone going round campaigning. And the people have been wondering why only one person is being allowed to campaign in the area, if at all the seat was vacant and not all the political parties. The people of Kasama are eager to see the ruling PF deliver development through their lawfully elected and serving MP.

Although any NGO may have the right to carry out activities anywhere around the country as they may feel like why should someone go and camp in Kasama which currently has a MP well known to have been suspended by his own provincial official on what seems to be cooked up reasons. This Ngo leader if at all he has any working sense of reasoning should be alive to the fact that certain activities like he has been carrying out in Kasama Central does not need one with a special sixth sense to see that they amount to anything else than campaigning. In fact it’s surprising that even those charged with a responsibility to enforce the electoral law could allow someone to openly go on defying, raping, insulting this piece of legislation.

Zambia is big and day in day out the media have continued to highlight the so many areas faced with much more dire plights like recently the nation saw ZNBC showing Milopa School in Lufwanyama where teachers sleep in structures like meant for goats or pigs. These are the places where the small NGO should rush to go and render help by donating bricks and other buildings material to help build teachers a little better and habitable structures not Kasama which has one of the most vibrant MPs in the country. While the works of civic organisations are welcome in Kasama we think that as Friends of GBM such must not be done without the collaboration with a sitting MP anywhere in the country, if anything MPS now have Constituency offices sitting right in the areas. By so doing civic leaders will help themselves from being misunderstood for having hidden agendas like that displayed in Kasama

It is our hope that the people of Kasama Central will defend their area MP from any machinations aimed at rendering him irrelevant despite all he continues to do for them under difficult circumstances and constrained budget. For GBM the people of Kasama Central are his priority number one and if rules of distributing constituency development funds (CDF) were to change to allow directing all the developmental funds to one constituency at once, he would wish that Kasama Central comes among the first to receive, this is not to say the area is more important than any other part of Zambia but simply because of the thirst and desire to try and make the PF government deliver development there faster.

It must be born in mind henceforth that Kasama is one of the areas in the country with very organised PF structures with people interested in seeing that the party in power does not seem to be seen as confused. The government is in a hurry to deliver development to all parts of the country to see to it that while it’s people granted mandate lasts only the best is done and lives of citizens improved for the better. To all civic organisation you are never needed in this country ever than now. Be at hand to collaborate with lawfully elected leaders and transparently be a meaningful partner in development.


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