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It’s swim or sink for PF

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sinking titanicBy Willie Limata in Chingola

It is not surprising that PF has found itself in this in titanic battle.  The party was formed by one person and most people voted for it because Mr. Sata Michael was heading it. Most of this MPs were voted for because they were using Sata‘s name. I repeat, no one in this entire world can claim to carry on the vision and plans of another person. The problems in PF were created by themselves as they were busy dancing and partying despite looming succession crisis. The voices were clear from well meaning Zambians that PF needed to start preparing a person take over from Mr. Sata but no one listened.

The boat has reached a stage were it will either sail or sink. What is very clear is that the boat has now developed holes which are allowing water to enter into it and the end result is to sink. There is no doubt that since the captain is not there, the boat will either sink or hit into an iceberg and breaks into pieces.

The infighting in PF leaves much to be desired. The party in Government has for sure showed us that they cannot govern us since they have failed to settle their disputes. Is this party going to respect the national constitution when they have failed to respect their own document? What kind of party has no regards for the police and the rule of law? Their cadres normally fight in the presences of the police and no arrest is usually made. The party that has been insulting each other and carrying coffins on their heads since they were voted into power does not surely deserve a second term.

I have never seen a party that does not respect its leadership like PF. Edgar Lungu has been disrespecting the PF leadership since the battle started and one wonders what type of leadership style he is bringing to the nation. One acting in the absence of a manager does not guarantee that he/she will make a good manager. The people in the Lungu‘s camp are another topic on its own.

Miles Sampa’s camp meant well but they did not follow the agreed time frame to conduct the elections. Sampa is still baby in the political field who cannot aspire for presidency. What is disturbing is conduct of the PF leadership after the demise of their shipmaster. I’m pretty sure that people now believe why these ministers were called useless by their master because they are selfish people who cannot put the nation’s interest first. Since PF is struggling to pick its best president among the worse, it is prudent that Miles Sampa who is youthful and energetic with clear background runs the party.

When a serious Zambian critically and skillful analyzes Miles Sample, Rupiah Banda, Edgar Lungu, Nevers Mumba, Hakainde Hichilema and others, in all fairness, HH outclasses all the others in the race to lead this nation, unless Zambians elect to pretend. HH and UPND is a party which is intact at the moment with a clear message of “let us unify Zambia”.

The next article will analyze each candidate in details for voter’s choice.  It is therefore wise for all Zambians to give HH chance as he had been stable in the political career.



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