Vehicle for UPND team in Luapula swept in a stream as it evades Security Agents

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One of the three vehicles in the UPND Luapula and Northern province entourage was last evening, April 9, 2014 swept away in the water at a collapsed bridge as the team were trying to evade a dangerous pursuit by state security agents in Kaputa District of Northern province that wanted to arrest them for holding party mobilisation meetings.

Information obtained from the UPND team on the ground indicates that they were having a very successful meeting in Kaputa at a place called Mukokonto in Mofwe ward.

But as the meeting was going on, PF Chairman for Mofwe ward phoned Kaputa District Commissioner a Mr. Kachusha, who personally wasted government resources chasing after the UPND team who had left the town with a view to personally effect an arrest. He with state security agents drove using government Toyota Landcruiser ABR 2878 and a GRZ Ministry of Health Toyota Hilux Landcruiser.

When the security agents that were heavily armed arrived at the meeting venue, they discovered it was actually the home belonging to former Kaputa MP who is now UPND National Chairperson Ms. Mutale Nalumango.

The heavily armed security agents went back after a brief discussion, especially that the meeting had already concluded.

But as the UPND team were leaving the venue, they were informed by the locals that the DC wanted to intercept them in another area they were due to hold meetings.

It was then that the UPND team decided to leave Kaputa District in order to avoid a potentially deadly confrontation using another route to Kasama via Mporokoso.

But the route from Kaputa to Mporokoso is so bad and bridges have actually been washed away and need agent government resources to repair them and Kaputa is now basically cut-off from the rest of the country.

The UPND team attempted to come out using the longer route to Kasama via Kawambwa as the situation with the DC who was carrying State Security agents became that of a mouse and a cat game.

But the bridge was also partially washed away leaving a narrow stretch.

Two of the vehicles passed through the partially washed away bridge, but the third vehicle carrying luggage and fuel could not make it as the water current swept it away though the driver and other passengers survived the accident as they jump into water before it was completely submerged.

Team leader and party vice-president Richard Kapita together with other members crossed the narrow and partially washed away bridge on foot with the help of the locals.

The accident happened after Luapula province PF Chairman Nixon Chilangwa and other ministers issued threats to the UPND team barely three days ago, that the team had no right to be in Luapula and Northern provinces.

Mr. Kapita, who has been having very successful meetings, wondered why as a Zambian in this era cannot be allowed to freely travel to other parts of the country and hold meetings with locals and party structures, especially that there are no anticipated by-elections in these areas.

Mr. Kapita, who was visibly upset, wondered why Mr. Sata and PF wanted to divided this beautiful country along regional lines, when Zambians themselves believe in the concept of One Zambia One Nation, as evidenced by the overwhelming reception and hospitality the people of Luapula and Northern provinces were giving his team and the UPND as a party.

Mr. Kapita said, contrary to the perception that the PF have tried to create, it was evident that were living in past glory as the people from this part of the country also very disappointed with none delivery of PF’s campaign promises as they are now in a much worse situation than they were in before.

Mr. Kapita has vowed to continue meeting the good people of these provinces who also feel cheated and are suffering under Mr. Sata and his PF government and have evidently identified UPND as the only alternative.

He urged the people of the two provinces to also continue with the same spirit of ignoring Mr. Sata and his PF government of wanting to divide Zambia on regional and tribal lines.

The UPND team comprises Mr. Kapita himself, party National Chairperson Ms. Mutale Nalumango, Chairperson for Labour Percy Chanda, and campaign manager who is also former minister Bernard Mpundu, and other officials.


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