PF-centered and cantankerous dialogue bill

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Listening to the PF, ZCID, MMD and FDD representatives debate the national dialogue bill on Radio Phoenix the narrative is unsurprising the same from all of them.

They had more time to label HH as an antagonist, a five time loser and a power hungry politician than present the merits of their cantankerous bill.

Nakacinda even parroted a PF cheap lie that HH was incarcerated because he had no rights to protect him due to the failed referendum.

If they had real arguments for this bill they should have made their points without reference to these tired cheap attacks on HH and we would have appreciated their point of view.

I listened to the programme for almost an hour none of them demonstrated how people’s wishes and interest will be protected from a partisan PF controlled parliament.

None of these yapping surrogates demonstrated how they intend to win back the support of all stakeholders.

We wanted them to tell us why the proposed “Forum” whose chairperson will be appointed by the president is better than a church led dialogue which has neutrality?

The argument that political parties agreed on the agenda in Siavonga is not entirely accurate because they never agree to the current approach which is giving excessive control to ruling PF government.

Another cheap lie from the panelists is the accusation that UPND objected reconciliation. This is misleading because the position of UPND is that they preferred reforms over reconciliation because reforms resulted into laws, whilst reconciliation just end with a handshake and did not guarantee anything.

Nice try PF propagandist, we are steadfast and watching. PF is the one which has duped Zambian before, it is the PF with a dented credibility to restore.

Richard W


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