The Zambia we want to see in the next 10 years

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Dear Friends in Christ, i send special greetings where ever you are, in the name of the father, Son and Holy Spirit.Amen.

I greet all of you with affection of the teachings of the Social-teachings of the Church. Allow me share with you of the Zambia we want to see in the next 10yrs from now, as we prepare for the 2021 General Elections.

Zambia’s sovereignty is on a cross road. We must always emulate the founding fathers of this beautiful Land we call Mother Zambia and we must work hard so that we dont become completely a dependent country rather than independent. The clapping or announcement of a loan, grant and investment funds by China to the African leaders must be taken as token of help but its shows how much sovereignty Africa hasn’t got. You can’t be a sovereign state when you depend on others for running your Nation. Africa doesn’t even got convening powers to bring together western or eastern leaders either in Europe or Asia. But when one leader from the west or East comes, African leaders shiver in

Our leaders in government and oppostion political Parties must work hard to restore the dignity of Mother Zambia and position Zambia as an equal partner in the world economy and international politics. We want Zambia to be like China. We don’t want China to treat Zambia like it is its own subject. Zambia’s time is now. No-one shall continue with the exploitation of our minerals without our involvement. Not even China will be allowed to recolonize Mother Zambia, Our leaders must make sure that any foreign direct investor to come and invest in Zambia on our own terms and to the benefit of the people of Zambia. It might be a dream. Some might think it’s not real but we know we’re going to achieve it because this dream is not just a dream, but a generational mission and we are not prepared to sell out. We want the dignity of Zambian people restored. We want to ensure that Zambian people are equal partners in trade, politics, and every subject that the world is debating.

We want to follow in the footsteps of those gallant Children of our Land the Founding Fathers of Mother Zambia. When our Founding Father First President of Zambia lost his election in 1991 as President, he said, “The struggle continues.” He said so because he knew that political freedom without economic freedom is incomplete. Our People want to put bread on the table. Like many Young African leaders, we have committed not to betray the dreams of those who came before us. Like many African Bishops in our Church, we must always pray for unite for people of Africa to have a common agenda and a common purpose for its people whom majority are poor. We want Zambia to remain united and to reclaim its Mines and its resources.

Zambians from all walks of Life want Land because Land guarantees us of the sovereignty of Mother Zambia in the African continent. We cannot claim to be Zambians and yet we have nothing to show as proof that indeed, we are Zambians. We do not even have Title Deeds to prove that we are the owners of the land. We have nothing to show. When you go into mines foreigners are ones running and paying our people slavery salaries, we Want Zambians to re-claim these mines, When you go into banks same story . Our economy is being run foreign monopoly industries, we want Zambian companies to take charge of its own economy. We cannot even own and protect our own agricultural sector with our fertile land in Africa because China and the entire developed countries want use Africa and Zambia as a dumping site. Every lower-grade product gets to be dumped in our countries, undermining our own agriculture.

We are refusing to bow before imperialism and colonialism. We want total control of our own country and our own land.

It starts with me. If you are Tonga or Bemba [particularly], you need to stand up and say, “Not in my name.” We are a new generation that must never allow triblism to divide us. We need to usher in a non tribal-racial Zambian society. Tribalism has no place where democracy and prosperity has to take place. Zambia wants to lead by example in the same way we led by example and accepted that the coloniser and the colonised must share territory. Even beyond the defeat of the colonisers, we did not seek to pay revenge. We continued to share territory with those who colonised us because we strongly believe that there is a place for everyone in Zambia but let us transform the economy to benefit all.

We cannot protect Chinese privilege at the expense of our majority poor Zambians. We will be hated for saying that. We will be hated for demanding that the Chinese Companies must be treating our people working in their companies with respect for rule of law and our culture.

As a Catholic lay person i would rather die for a dream that is going to be realised by many generations after am gone. Even if we don’t realise it ourselves, we’ve made a commitment to lay a firm foundation for generations to come. We seek to inspire confidence amongst many Zambian masses whom the majority are poor– and that they must stand on their own. In this day and era, you still have a situation where there are African States paying colonial tax to China. China is what it is because of us African states. we must accept that and say, “It is acceptable. It is in the interest of Africa.” It is not. We want Zambians to have control over their own economy. Once Zambians have control over their own economy and what constitutes their own economy… Our struggle seeks to inspire that, then we shall smile and look to the future of our children with hope that Zambia will become economy hub for Southern African nations.

Our leaders in government and the private sector must be responsible and accountable to the People of Zambia. Also Oppositon Political Parties must have leaders who’ll go to intera-party elections and be elected through democratic means. Let people determine their own leadership and not because leaders are torturing them, intimidating them, and imposing themselves on the people.

We were happy when Zambia became liberated from Most failed leadership of the MMD under RB by the PF under the late President Micheal.C.Sata because we thought we’d learn from many failed MMD that sold this Nation to the Mafais of the world and we hope and Pray that PF government will not repeat similar mistakes, but it looks like we are travelling in the same direction that was travelled by failed the MMD.

The ACC they respect individuals more than the State institutions. Can you change this atitude put state institutions in order we want funds meant for projects that well reduce poverty levels are implemented according to government policies not directors or whoever ati he got the money ACC can you wake-up .

The office of the Public Protector must wake-up in fighting corruption in Zambia. The President is after her alone can’t fight corruption but together we shall do it, Zambia will become one of the failed African States if we are not careful as a Nation. Not under our watch us Cathoilc Youths must we allow these. The PF government must protect the sovereignty and the democracy of Zamba. The PF government must revive correct politics in Zambia and position Mother Zambia at a correct path in international politics. It is possible. We have taken that position before during the liberation Struggle and many in Africa are willing to follow.

Those who want to invest in Africa…those who love peace and democracy…those who love the sharing of wealth amongst people: we need your support.

Our leaders must commit themsleves and should not allow investors to make Mother Zambia a playing ground of the rich because Zambia is not a desert but a country where human beings are found and they must be treated with respect and dignity.

Thank you very much.

‘Ave’ Maria

God bless you

Fidelis Solomon Ngoma

Political & Economy Anaylst


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