MMD Responds to News Diggers: “Of disclaimer and institutional offices”

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Dr Nevers Mumba

By Dr. Cephas Mukuka

When Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba wrote a piece entitled ‘The Plight of A former Zambia Vice President’ on the 28th of January, 2019, he started off with a preamble which had a disclaimer which stated that ‘I do not raise this matter to benefit myself having held this office but to highlight a matter that has embarrassed Zambia for years both at home and abroad.’ However the News Diggers in the editorial dated 7th February, 2019 titled “Pastor Mumba shouldn’t complain, he buried his talent”, the editor prematurely decided to attack the messenger and not the message.

The Editor tried to discredit Dr. Mumba’s humble observation because among other things that he was bringing out the issue because he would tend to benefit. However, Dr. Mumba started the piece by highlighting a disclaimer that he wasn’t highlighting that issue because he had once served in that office but because he among others, that position is one of the few institutional offices that is not honored whilst its relevance is as important as the highest institutional office in the land. Dr. Mumba decided to write that article after he saw how his late colleague Hon. Lupando Mwape suffered towards his death with little support but was given the second highest ranking state funeral. In other words, he was implying that what if some of the resources that were spent on Hon. Mwape’s funeral where spent on him when he was still alive maybe we would have still been with him right now. In Countries like the United States of America, Vice President’s are entitled to some form of support which include secret service security protection and an upkeep. It is unfair that Service Chiefs, their deputies and judges just to mention a few are entitled to an average upkeep allowances when they leave office but the Vice President of the land isn’t. Which office is more superior the Judge’s or Vice President’s?

The editor further ignorantly tried to discredit Dr. Mumba that he had left his talent that’s why he was suffering. First things first, we presume the editor was talking about Dr. Mumba’s Pastoral Work seeing that he referred to him as Pastor Mumba. Pst. Mumba has never buried his talent of evangelizing as the editor alleges. Pst. Mumba is still active on the altar as he was 30 years ago when the Editor use to watch Dr. Mumba on the Zambia Shall Be Saved television program. He is currently the President and Overseer of Victory Ministries International with over 52 churches in Zambia and a few others abroad. It is because of his talent that Pst. Mumba has served as Republican Vice President and heads one of Zambia’s biggest political parties in the land. For the information to the editor, Pst. Mumba is a strong believer in Luke 11: 33 which states that “No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.” Through this verse Pst. Mumba believes that a ;!Christian can only change the world if they become the decision makers. And Pst. Mumba has walked the talk by being a influencial decision maker in issues of governance whose agenda is to brlng about morality in politics. Dr. Mumba is still living a relatively comfortable life as he lived 30 years ago.

The editor further tried to attack Dr. Mumba on hearsay. Why do we say hearsay, the editor clearly said that from what he had heard? From where? the drunkards in a bar? An upright editor would have asked Dr.Mumba if he doesn’t have a house before he put those lies on Paper. But he didn’t and decided to base his wild allegations on the lies he was fed from rumuor mongers who were probably talking about it in a beer hall. We can’t talk about Dr. mumba’s properties because the are not public properties. And so what if Dr. Mumba once rented a house in Kabulonga. Did it affect the GDP of the Country?

Lastly but not the least there is nothing sinister with a friend sponsoring one on a trip. So what if Dr. Mumba who once served as Vice President of Zambia was invited and supported to India by his Indian friend to go there and woo his business community to invest in Zambia? We believe that the editor might have once been invited to visit a foreign country by a friend who has never been an editor before. Did the editor decline and insult his friend? No he didn’t. And there is nothing wrong with a former Republican Vice President and leader of an opposition party encouraging investors to invest in Zambia. The editor might one day get fired from News diggers and a company owned by one of these investors might employ him as the Public Relations Manager. Or maybe once one of the investors that Dr. Mumba persuaded to invest in Zambia does do so, he might be one of the News Diggers biggest customers through advertising.

So we are of the view that the editor of News diggers shot himself in the leg by misunderstanding, misquoting and misreading what Dr. Mumba meant in his article. Instead of responding to the issues which Dr. Mumba raised, the editor in his poor judgement decided to slander Dr. Mumba on lies. We expect an editor of an uprising Newspaper like News diggers to have the audacity to dig deeper by at least picking up the phone and calling Dr. Mumba to ask him if he doesn’t have any house, to which Dr. Mumba would have easily invited him to his ‘owned’ residence for a cup of tea. Their he would have asked him if its true that he has buried his “talent” to which Dr. Mumba would have responded by inviting him for the “Zambia Shall Be Saved” Leadership Summit and Service that will be held this weekend in Kitwe at Victory Ministries where Dr. Mumba will be speaking and evangelizing at. Dr. Mumba’s only crime was to highlight how the second highest office in the land to which a running mate to the Winner of the Presidential election is neglected.

So our advice to the editor is that when one highlights a disclaimer, don’t attack the messenger and when one brings an issue such as institutional office, stick to it.


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