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On sprouting Gas Stations – l smell a Rat

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Recently, I have noticed a significant increase in the number of fuel and motor vehicle service stations, commonly referred to as filling stations, as well as minimarts in Lusaka.

This sudden surge raises concerns about the source of funds used to establish these businesses.

Could it be money laundering? It is perplexing where these individuals are obtaining the capital required to start these ventures.

It seems plausible that these service stations and minimarts might be funded with illicit money, which is a serious issue that demands attention.

Historically, Zambia had the SITETI to investigate such matters, and currently, we have the Financial Intelligence Centre. However, the pressing question is: what are they doing about this?

While having these service stations and minimarts for convenience is important, it is crucial to ensure they are established using legitimate funds.

Moreover, I have noticed an increase in financial institutions offering loans with incredibly low-interest rates, some as low as 5%.

This trend is suspicious and suggests there might be an underlying issue that requires investigation.

Could this be dirty money from the previous PF hoodlums being cleaned to appear as legitimate income? I SMELL A RAT!

Source: Zambian Eye WhatsApp Group


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