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Injustice, how did Chanda steal the Court documents?

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Following the Magistrate Court verdict to jail former State House Press Aide Amos Chanda for allegedly stealing and destroying court document, Emmanuel Mwamba has penned down this statement:

Injustice; Amos Chanda has been jailed for 12 months on allegations that in October 2022, he stole a court record and wilfully destroyed the file involving a case where the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had earlier entered a Nolle Prosequi .

To convict Chanda, the court relied on the evidence given by a DEC Officer, who recorded Amos’ alleged own “confession” during a night outing at Sarova Hotel.

Does Amos work in the Court registry? Who obtained the said court record from the Registry? How did it reach Amos Chanda? Did anyone see Chanda steal the file and destroy it? Why are they not arrested alongside Amos Chanda?

Doesn’t a criminal matter require the legal burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt to affirm a conviction in a criminal case?

Why is the standard very low in this case?

This is another case of desperate abuse of the court process to punish persons that served in the previous government using any means available.


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