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The Many Shades of Online Roulette

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When one refers to the many shades of online roulettes, one refers to its many forms. Fans of the game like to enjoy more than one version of it. To accommodate their wants, operators offer several versions of online roulette.

Being a popular game, casino fans will find it on many online platforms. As an example, they can visit and explore a rich roulette section. Players can enjoy the classic versions of the game or dive into the live section. In other words, they can take their gaming experience up a notch with titles like Lightning Roulette and more. On top of that, they can couple these games with some bonuses to enhance their gaming session.

Players will find many shades of online roulette. Below are some of the more popular ones.

American Roulette

Aside from the classic European version, casino fans will come across American Roulette. Unlike that version, American Roulette comes with a bigger house edge because of the presence of a double zero. It might seem an insignificant change to some, but that number makes the entire game suited to skilled roulette players. When players want a more casino-like experience, they can go for the live version of this title. Alternatively, they can enjoy the ones in the table games section equipped with the right tool for the job.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

When it comes to roulette with an added level of complexity, players will come across multi-wheel roulette. The beauty of this roulette version comes with the presence of multiple wheels. Instead of thinking about one set of numbers, they need to think carefully about their bets on several sets. The winning bets might make up for the losses, and if they’re lucky, players can land a couple of them each time the wheel spins.

French Roulette

Unlike the previous two versions, French Roulette is better suited to beginners. It features the classic 0-36 set of numbered slots. The rules are the same as the ones of the classic version. However, players will have additional betting options. Side bets include La Partage and En Prison. When players place a specific side bet, they will get a second chance when they lose a bet. Their money will stay on the table, and if the next round’s a win, they will get half of their money back.

Lightning Roulette

The thing about lightning roulette is that it’s super-fast. Players will get the same rules as the classic variant and 0-36 numbered slots. However, they won’t have much time to decide what bet to place. Once they do, the round starts and the wheel spins pretty fast. The outcome’s presented and it’s on to the next bet.

Bottom Line

Players will frequently find themselves in an array of roulette titles. American, French, and European make up the classics. Aside from them, casino fans will enjoy lightning, multi-wheel, and other non-classic versions of the game. These are some of the shades of roulette, created by the crafty minds of casino game providers.


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