Nevers woos Indian investors

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Former Vice President Nevers Mumba has urged members of the Mumbai Chamber of Commerce to invest in Zambia.
Dr Mumba, who is currently in India at the invitation of the Mumbai Chambers of Commerce, in an address to the members of the Chamber, said former Presidents and Vice Presidents will always remain Ambassadors of their Countries.
“As a Former Vice President of the Republic of Zambia, I will always be an Ambassador for my Country as their is an unwritten rule that says that once You have served as President or Veeps of a Country, You will always serve as an Ambassador for that Country, so here I am Ambassador Mumba,” Dr. Mumba said.
He further talked about the good relationship that exists between India and Zambia.
“India has been one of Zambia’s all weather friends. From the early days of Zambia’s independence, India has stood next to Us as a elder sibling ready to offer support to Us. As I speak the Government of the Republic of India have given Zambia a grant of over US$300 million for the decongestion of Lusaka roads, which is currently underway.”
Dr. Mumba further went on to sell Zambia as the ideal investment country in Africa.
“Zambia as an investment destination provides a great incentive to a would be investor. It is the third leading producer of copper in the world. It’s gold reserves remain untapped. Zambia leads the world in Cobalt reserves. It boasts of great reserves of manganese and the world’s best emeralds. It’s sits on 40 % of water in the entire SADC region. Besides the God given natural resources, Zambia is known for its hospitality,” Dr. Mumba said.

2 Responses to Nevers woos Indian investors

  1. Atleast Nevers Mumba you are a talking like a patriotic Zambian unlike tribalist HH who always dents the image of our country whenever goes abroad

    saimbwnede mushala
    January 16, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    • May God bless Dr Nevers Mumba.You possess what you confess.If you say Zambia is a bad country,it will be bad. If you say Zambia is a good country, it will be good.You reap what you sow.

      January 16, 2019 at 5:49 pm

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