We have poor drainages because of a few pocketing money in markets and bus stations – Petersen

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“I will remove them and allow funds reach the council to serve its purpose,we need to change this mentality for the poor to benefit”

The Peoples Alliance For Change Party (PAC) Lusaka mayoral candidate Mukubesa Mundia has emphasized the need to remove political cadres to the operations of the council because.

Featuring on Diamond Television’s ‘Night Live’ program, Mundia said few people have become rich on the expense of improving people’s lives.

He charged that the money that should be going towards building better markets with proper sanitation ends up in the hands of cadres.

“We can’t continue living like that,few people have become rich from the money they collect from bus stations and markets all in the name of a cadre, they are not employed legally but they have acquired money leaving the poor citizens without drainages and better markets, I will remove them and allow funds reach the council and serve its purpose. We need to change this mentality of giving powers to cadres,” said Mundia.

Mundia stressed that once elected as mayor of Lusaka, he will detach political hooliganism from council governance in order to allow the council govern itself freely.

He said people should not be surprised as to why councils seem to be broke, when its clear that the money that’s meant for its governance is diverted to wrong individuals.

Mundia urged people of Lusaka to vote for him in order to remove such individuals who are broking development to the people.

He said people should not be cheated with the preach of having a chain from councilors to Mayors because it has contributed to the poverty of this country.

Mundia Charged that electing leaders from one political party has contributed to the cadre mentality in the running of councils.

The PAC Lusaka mayoral candidate has also vowed to work well with the 32 councilors of the Patriotic Front in Lusaka provided their vision is to improve the lives of the people.

Mundia is confident of scooping the mayoral seat that fell vacant after the death of mayor Wilson Kalumba.


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