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Zambia voting pattern remain the same

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HH addressing his first rally in Itezhi Tezhi after his release from Prison

The voting pattern in Zambia has remained the same with two leading political parties maintaining their traditional support bases, a glance at the results from the local government elections from different parts of the country held today show.

The ruling party, Patriotic Front (PF) has maintained it’s support base in the central, Copperbelt and Northern part of the country while the leading opposition UPND remain strong in the North-West and South of the country.

The two parties each got almost half of the country in the last election which the Patriotic Front won with just 4% which the opposition disputed.

Forinstance results from today’s elections:

In Kabwe, central province in Bwacha Constituency, Chililalila ward from all the 5 POLLING STATIONS.

On the Copperbelt province in Luanshya the Patriotic Front has scooped Chitwi Ward local govt council seat by Polling 682, whilst UPND polled 88, while Rainbow could only manage 43.

While in Itezhi Tezhi constituency which was moved from Southern province to Central province, the UPND still comands support.

1.. Kabanga itomba polling station
PF 41

2.. Banamwanze
UPND 113
PF 77

3.. Kasaka.
PF 54

4.. Nkobo
PF 43

5.. Kapulwe
PF 14

From Libonda ward western province …Munyanya polling station UPND 80 PF 24 UNIP 5.

In North West province the UPND was leading in many polling stations counted by press time. Mpidi-Kakong’a Ward in Zambezi East Constituency the following were the yet to be confirmed results suggesting UPND have won the seat outright.
Kakong’a 138 64
Kasombu 154 60
Nyang’amba 162 70
Mpidi 284 289
Nyachiyanzu 95 84
Nyilamba 147 36
Chizozu 289 60
#Totals #1269 #663



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