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Elias Chipimo Jr

NAREP leader Elias Chipimo​ has reiterated the need for the youth to take a lead in the fight for a better Zambia as they determine who will become the next government in 2021.

Chipimo was speaking at the ongoing NAREP Youth convention in Ndola, observing that with over half of Zambians being below the age of 15, the future is with the youth and that if the youth decided to change government, then government could change.
80% of Zambians are below the age of 35, with today’s youth being the key change makers in the 2021 elections. 
Imploring the youth to take a stance and make it happen in 2021, the President urged them to be focused, noting that he sees so many Zambian youth fighting, insulting, patronising bars and not focusing.
He emphasised that this was not what NAREP youth stood for. NAREP is a party of focused youth who are bound by values that they stand for and live up to. Reciting the 8 core values together, the convention delegates pointed these out as excellence, integrity, responsibility, service, equity, humility, commitment and community.
Chipimo urged the youth representing the NAREP brand to set themselves apart by distinctly adhering to the values of the party without leaving any doubt. 
 He also emphasised the need for the youth to be ready for 2021, stating that he is excited about the support he is getting from the youth and honouring them by acknowledging that he draws his strength from them and is also aware that they too are strong when he is strong. 
Quoting the Bible, Chipimo said the kingdom of heaven has been advancing forcefully with forceful men and women laying hold of it. He remarked that party will not get the Presidency on account of someone handing it to them, but that they have to take it for themselves and future generations.
He lamented that Zambia is not fulfilling its potential to meet the needs of the citizens under the current regime.
The NAREP youths responded by saying they could not see a future under the current government nor could they see a caring government in the Patriotic Front, agreeing that only NAREP can provide a future that can build the country. 
And newly elected NAREP National Secretary, Ezra Ngulube​, a youth himself was congratulated on his journey of integrity and his execution of the NAREP values whilst steering the fight to raise NAREP’s profile with integrity and honour.
Rounding off his address, Mr. Chipimo gave the following points as cardinal to progression of NAREP and Zambia towards Vision 2021:
1. Respect women and girls as custodians and builders of our communities 
2. Putting God first in everything we do as NAREP and as Zambians
3. Correct the President. Do not lie to me as your President. NAREP should be honest and hold honour. Mr. Chipimo asked to be correct respectfully when he is wrong and called for everybody to work hard and bring solutions to the President.

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