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Civic education key to countering PF distribution of campaign materials – PAC

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People’s Alliance for Change President Andyford Banda says civic education is the best mode of countering the distribution of Edgar Lungu branded campaign materials by the PF.
In an interview Banda who is one of the youngest presidents of a political party in the country said opposition political party leaders can not match the resources that the PF is spending on their campaign materials hence the need for the opposition to educate citizens on the failures of the PF.
He observed that the ruling party wants to win the 2021 elections using money but that it would not help the opposition if they tried to take the same because their resources base can not allow them.
“The pictures that we have seen of the PF branded bicycles with the face of Edgar Lungu, plus the distribution of branded books is a clear indication that the PF want to win the next elections at all cost.
“The PF wants to use money, power to win the next elections. If we want to play their game, I don’t think we can make it. If we are going to brand books, brand bicycles, brand vehicles and all sorts of things, it will be difficult for us,” he said.

Banda added the failure by the PF to deliver on their promises gives his party and the opposition an advantage as the simple weapon was to ensure that the public understands that the PF has failed hence should not be given another chance to rule the country.

“As PAC, we believe that the best way is to devise other means of educating the voters because clearly the PF have failed. Now the fact that they have failed means that we should not give them a chance to rule this country. We need to engage in civic education with the voters so that money shouldn’t be the idea [to influence them]. The idea should be the performance indicators, which the PF has failed to meet.”
The PF have gone on rampage campaigning and distributing branded campaign materials including books with pictures of President Lungu and as well as branded bicycles and vehicles.
The move by the ruling party to rally behind the candidature of President Lungu is also seen as an assault on the Judicial system of the country as the eligibility of Edgar Lungu is under the Constitutional Court as some small political parties have taken the matter there asking the courts to determine whether he is eligible or not after serving his first term under the old constitution.

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