Its shocking how PF members are amassing wealth – PF MCC

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Mwenya Musenge

By Michael Kasonde in Kitwe


FORMER Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenge says it is shocking to see how some new government and party officials have amassed wealth that they are building mansions in and outside the country when they serve a poor economy.


And Musenge, a member of the PF central committee, says outsiders are buying their way into the PF and shockingly taking up positions.


Speaking on Kitwe’s Your Anthem Radio Social Chatter programme, Musenge wondered how some PF members and government officials were getting money when the country’s economy had deteriorated.


He said Zambia had a small budget with meagre resources and it could not afford to have corrupt government officials, members of parliament or corrupt businessmen.


“We need clean people, people with high integrity and morals. And that has been my fight and I shall continue to call for that. Selfish interests, corruption has affected the growth of many African nations, Zambia in particular. We have people going into leadership not for service but to amass wealth. We are seeing ministers, civil servants of today building mansions, with massive personal investments within and outside the country. Meanwhile we are saying government has no money to develop the country! Where are they getting the money to amass so much wealth? It’s happening at the expense of the country,” Musenge said.


He urged his fellow leaders in the PF to listen more to criticism than praises.


“I am a supporter of freedom of expression within and outside the party. People ought to speak! They must air out their feelings. It’s only when we are really able to hear what the people are saying, that’s when we can sort out the problems people are facing. It is from criticism that we will be able to draw up a programme of attending to issues that are affecting the people,” Musenge said.


And Musenge said some of the people that were buying their way into PF and getting positions did not even understand and appreciate the ideologies of the ruling party.


“They are finding their way into government for their personal reasons. They are using a lot of money to try and buy their way through, to get into the political party and when they get there, you find that within a shortest possible time, they have already risen to certain high positions in the party. Look, there must be a way of managing newcomers. I joined the PF in 2005; I came from the UPND. Even our current President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was a member of the UPND. I was with him in that party at some point in time and there was a process of getting into leadership, appreciating the party, its ideals and values,” Musenge said.


“The major issue, the outcry of the people is on how our colleagues, especially those that are joining us now from the MMD and other parties are operating, is that they have seen a party that has made government and now they are forcing their way into government for their personal reasons.”


He said the party already had lessons to draw from what happened in the past when some members of parliament and mayors defied Michael Sata’s directives and opted to go for the National Constitutional Conference (NCC).


Musenge said such things happened because some members of parliament and mayors then did not understood and appreciated the party’s ideals and such situations should never happen again.


5 Responses to Its shocking how PF members are amassing wealth – PF MCC

  1. Now that Musenge is not amont the plunderers he’s got balls to invoke freedom of expression, especially chiding his own party!

    “”I came from the UPND. Even our current President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was a member of the UPND. I was with him in that party at some point in time and there was a process of getting into leadership, appreciating the party, its ideals and values,” Musenge said.”

    Is Musenge giving a comparative view that the party both he and the president left was well managed?

    February 26, 2017 at 1:59 am

    • Mr Musenge, when you were a Minister, you did not see all you have said. However, your former Party, the UPND and the entire Zambian population advised you and your PF Party to declare war against corruption but you were dragging your feet to take action. The result is what you have rightly observed. But wait a minute Mr Musenge, I respect you for your courage to bring out those issues when you are still an MCC in PF. I hope they won’t treat you like they are treating Hon Kambwili.

      February 26, 2017 at 11:55 am

    • I mean you haven’t said anything to deserve a backlash from your Party. Even the Bible tells us to be forgiven if we have digressed. You did digress against the people of Zambia and your remarks appear your asking for forgiveness from the people of Zambia. So why not forgive you? Personally, I have forgiven you. Let’s start afresh to better build our country Mr Musenge. God bless you.

      February 26, 2017 at 12:06 pm

  2. When we say, the Zambian government and it’ s other government related wings, eg the ZRA, the Banks, the councils, the Judiciary, ECZ etc comprise crooks, corrupt elements and broad daylight robbers, some people argue that comment yet results are foreseen everywhere. The corruption under debate starts from the Head of State’ s desk down the line up to the last individual in their system hence, the reason they are working tirelessly to silence the private media so they cannot be exposed. As far as Edgar Lungu’ s PF government remain at the helm of running the affairs of this country, Zambians shall be at their rude shock of what their economy shall be like sooner than later. To worsen up the situation, the minister of Finance and national planning is another culprit of corruption with no vision for economical growth for the country. In short, he is in that position to eat and steal. Mukalapila mwe bena Zambia and Hon. Musenge is very right to speak out though he too was not honest when he was an active minister. Honestly, what economic substance can the nation derive from Edgar Lungu who has never ever run any tangible business in his life time? He only qualifies to lead a government of Bakabolala because he is the chief kabolala.

    Nkusianaza Sortine
    February 26, 2017 at 4:49 am

    • True true indeed – and he is supported by equally corrupt and useless clergy men

      February 27, 2017 at 12:33 pm

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