Mwanakatwe was never the problem – Bwalya

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Staunch UPND supporter and Kabushi Constituency aspiring candidate Anthony Bwalya has noted that Former Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe was never the problem in the fist place because the problems Zambians is facing were created by the entire Patriotic Front government.

Bwalya, in reaction to the termination of Mwanakatwe’s services as Finance Minister on July 13 by President Lungu, says the biggest challenge Zambia has is lack of technical expertise and human resources to steer it forward.

“I want to remind Zambians, that what our country is currently suffering from is not a shortage of technical expertise to steer our country on a path to recovery and stability.Our problem is political ineptitude. Mutati was never going to fix it. Neither was Maggie. Dr. Bwalya Ng’andu will have his reputation torn to shreds. Never mind his glorious academic accolades, not even Albert Einstein can solve our problems. Our problems are political” Bwalya said in a statement dated June 15.

“The new Finance Minister has not been brought in to do his job. He has been brought in to do as he is told. If Dr. Ng’andu had been at the helm of the Ministry of Finance, could he have stopped the Playboy party in New York City? Could he have stopped the purchase of a luxury Jet for $70million? Could he have stopped the procurement of Fire Tenders? Could he have ensured Jean Kapata and her Ministry account for over $100 million in missing Mukula revenue? Could he have ensured that those named in the FIC report pay for their sins? Could he and will he stop the reintroduction of DEPUTY MINISTERS on balance that it is a big fiscal miscalculation? Will he stop the PF government using tax money to fund campaigns?Could he and will be able to put a stop to the inflation of public contracts for personal gain by PF officials?”


2 Responses to Mwanakatwe was never the problem – Bwalya

  1. Bwayla is spot on. The new finance minister has the necessary qualifications for advising on the economy, but the endemic corruption and short sightedness of Lungu and the rest of the PF idiots is not something he will be able to stop.

    July 15, 2019 at 3:34 pm

  2. First you pushed for the former Minister who you labelled as a dismal failure and drunkard to go. She is removed and now you say she was not a failure.

    July 16, 2019 at 1:12 pm

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