Motion to create new Ministries on today

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National Assembly of Zambia

Vice president Mutale Nalumango is this afternoon is expected to present a motion in Parliament for approval of dissolution and introducing of new Ministries and Departments, reports Asa Manda.

President Hakainde Hichilema whose party the UPND won the August 12 general elections has created some ministries, realigned others and abolished some which need Parliament approval.

Ms Nalumango who is the Leader of Business in the House will table the motion according to the agenda below of this afternoon sitting seen by Zambian Eye.


The Vice President

Approve Government Ministries and Departments: That in terms of Article 92(2)(d) of the Constitution of Zambia, this House approves the abolition and the establishment of the Government Ministries and Departments established by the President as set out in the appendices hereto.


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