KBF doesn’t have morals to be Attorney General- Miti

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Human rights activist Laura says it is her hope that the rumor she is hearing alleging that KepviK Bwalya Fube will be Zambia’s next Attorney General is not true.

According to Miti, KBF cannot be a good AG as from his history.

She writes: of

I am hoping that the rumour that KBF will be Attorney General is not true.

Given his checkered history, that would be a terrible choice.

The Attorney General must be a respected lawyer able to soberly oversee the multiple legislative changes we need in order to institutionalise our democracy.

To ensure that going forward, no matter who is in State House, our democratic practice and citizen rights will be safe.

I am sure that, like other Alliance Partners, KBF will end up in high office.

Just not Attorney General please.

Truth though is that President Hichilema has done an impressive job of avoiding leaks of his appointments, so far.

We largely hear them from him, so I can hope the KBF story is another false tattle.


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