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Male Nurse, census enumerator helps expecting mother deliver

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A 28 year old male Registered nurse working as a census enumerator in Kafue District has helped an expecting mother to deliver a bouncing baby in a light truck in Chiawa.

Muhongo Kabutu, a trained Registered Nurse recounts how he miraculously assisted an expecting mother with baby delivery in a Canter truck.

Kafue Times reports that when the day started, everything was smooth just like any normal day. But unknown to him was the drama that was yet to unfold and make his day even more special.

Kabutu was enjoying the drama of monkeys trying to steal his food stuff at his camp site in a relaxed mood, but he could not help to notice a vehicle carrying four (4)women near the health facility who seemed to be in a panic mode as they were busy asking where the nurses on duty are.

“It was a cool day, when I was relaxing outside the facility we are camping, I noticed that the women that were seated behind the vehicle continued to experience uneasiness,” he said.
The women’s distress went on for some time as the canter parked.

He observed that there was an emergency which led him rushed to the vehicle. upon arriving the scene he immediately practiced his skills as a professional registered Male nurse.

” after arriving the scene i asked one of the women if everything was okay. But instead of getting a normal response, what came out of the woman’s mouth was a scream. The woman started screaming that the baby is about to come out. “Kabutu said.

He noticed that she was beginning to bleed and all the signs of child birth were now visible and that was enough for him to swing into action.

He had an emergency on his hands and he knew that if nothing was done, the situation could become grave for both the woman and her child. Kabutu quickly requested the women to give him the surgical gloves so that the woman could be given medical attention.

But it was not easy for him to convince the women as they had doubts if he was a trained registered male nurse who can deal with child

“I was wearing casual clothes and the women did not believe that I was a medical person because I was not professionally dressed in a white coat,” kabutu said.

Kabutu executed his duties as a health personnel until the safe baby delivery was conducted by him alone. It took 15 to 20 minutes for the in service nurses at Chiawa health center who were not around at a time of the delivery to came.

This made his work easy and it became interesting that the women in the vehicle and on lookers began to participate in helping to save the life of both the woman and her baby. A few minutes later, the woman delivered a bouncing baby girl, an experience kubutu described as a blessing.

“It was amazing to see so much cooperation and understanding among the women, I called my friend to give me the surgical blade I kept inside the room we are using for sleeping so that I could cut the umbilical cord,” he said

And the driver of the motor vehicle where the woman delivered from, thanked Kabutu for the love and passion he has for his profession even when he was left out after applying for the just ended recruitment of 11 thousands health workers.

He has urged government to quickly look into this matter and consider employing Kabutu as he has shown competence and the heart he has for patients.


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