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Bedroom boosters common in Lusaka streets, expert advice

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Walking along Lusaka streets, one is bound to notice the proliferation of herbal stalls, mainly bedroom boosters, with ready market as many would want to enjoy good bedroom time.

One trader Andrew Mpoko, had this to say, what worries every man to death is being unable to please his woman in the bedroom, everyone wants to have good sex and satisfy his woman.

He added that in some cases men’s inability to satisfy their women between the sheets have led some of them to seek the satisfaction elsewhere.

According to Mpoko, in Zambia, sex boosters are in high demand with men being the main customers, he however said some of them are shy.

He added that some women are also in the habit of purchasing the herbs behind their husbands’ back.

Mpoko explained that these women then add to their husbands’ meals like knuckle bones, to upscale their sexual drive during intercourse.

Some herbal sexual boosters, may be used as treatment for erectile dysfunction.

In Zambia these are readily available, however, medical experts warn that these herbs could bring health complications.

Medical student at one of the country’s Universities, Kenneth Zata says the tricky thing about these herbal libidos is that they are not administered using appropriate measurements.

“A client is just told to take the herb three or four times a day, but with no specific quantity at each take,” he says.

Meanwhile, herbalists say while the treatments could be safe when taken correctly, their abuse cause bring health complications.

They say another danger is that when becomes too dependant on sexual boosters, operating normal without them could be problematic.


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