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KBF registers own ZMP party for 2026

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By Emmanuel Chilekwa
21 March 22

KBF’s Zambia must Prosper has on 17th March 2022 bee been registered at Registrar of Societies. KBF, known as the Game Changer, has been in alliance with the ruling party just a few months prior to the August 12 polls last year.

KBF entered the PND Alliance with ZMP as a mere pressure group. But 7 months on, he has decided to solidify his political future whose course he can determine as the driver.

In the run up to last year’s polls, KBF sold his ZMP development master plan to the voters, which among many included “every youth will either be in school or at work.”

Given the unending promises of the New Dawn Government, it’s everyone’s guess whether they have capacity, direction or commitment to achieve the many unreachable “romantic” promises they dished out to the gullible new youthful voters which helped them land in power after quarter century of trial and error attempts at the ballot.

It’s now clear that 2026 is likely to have KBF as Presidentual candidate. His candidature will pose take aways from both UPND and the PF ballot base.

Among all the political candidates, it is only KBF who has produced a blue print ” Zambia Must Prosper” which outlines what he would do, in what timeline and expected results in black and white. Most of the political parties have unclear or wishy-washy grey and ostensibly, half baked promises and unattainable pledges. As for the ruling party UPND, even the deaf, dumb and blind can succinctly and clearly point out that they lied their way to the top. It’s a pseudo success as they’re lost in practice.

In the last 7 months, KF has inordinately been ice-mute and silent like he doesn’t exist or live in Zambia. He has chosen the path of loud silence, leaving many wondering whether he’s the same outspoken KBF who has always been a man who doesnt mince his observations.

Generally, the suffering of the people has gone through the sky but KBF has been silent, partly due to the fact that he helped to usher in the impotent then opposition party, UPND into power.

KBF now has inside knowledge of both the UPND and opposition PF. In fact, ZMP is the unified, screened and amplified vision of the PF founding father Michael Chilufya Sata.

Any genuine political pundit can only dismiss KBF at own peril. PF dismissed KBF and were punished as his contributions in UPND helped galvanise the UPND opposition vote in Northern, Luapula, Muchinga and Eastern Provinces to dislodge the PF from their 10 year reign.

It appears the UPND has also pirated the then PF arrogance and hyena stupidity of 2021. Whilst KBF helped the UPND to get power, they have since shunted him to the wire with no prospect of being in charge where it matters.

UPND believes it has suddenly become an invincible party.

So the registration of ZMP just signals the focused foresight of where KBF is heading. However, if suddenly the UPND decides to coerce him into the mainstream governance strata, such an pseudo panacea is unlikely to derail KBF from top contending zeal as a leader eyeing Plot 1.

The sidelining of KBF has actually helped galvanize KBF’s political bench as he has patiently waited for a good 7 months to the time of registering his own outfit.

Being an intelligent natural orator, thinker, planner, shrewd strategist, only the PF may claim to understand what help and damage KBF can do if he is in your camp or on the side of your conpetitors.

Now the ruling party UPND has an added insider contender worth “Watching out”. Given the way the UPND has shown open impotence, their propensity to become even more restricted and more ineffective has just but increased.

The ground is slowly but surely beginning to be a wait and see terrain.


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