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PF behind resignations and confusions in Opposition reveals Sakala

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Patriotic Front-PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba welcomes MMD Mpongwe Member of Parliament Gabriel Namulambe

We would like to blame the Patriotic Front government for the defection among Members of Parliament we have witnessed in the recent past. The ruling party’s secretary general one Mr. Winter Kabimba is on record having encouraged parliamentarians from the opposition who want to work with the ruling party to resign their position and join the ruling party.

Such pronouncements are very retrogressive because each time an MP resigns a vacant in parliament is created and by law that vacant is supposed to be filled. The process of filling in the empty position is where the problem is for many of us.

History has taught us that by-elections are very expensive for a poor country like Zambia. The billions of Kwacha government channel towards by-elections could be used to service the more important sectors such as health, education and developmental activities which include activities aimed at creating jobs for the many unemployed youths. In less than two months, we have witnessed two MPs resigning.

First it was former Mpongwe Members of Parliament, Gabriel Namulambe who resigned from MMD to join the ruling PF and now we have this Livingstone Member of Parliament one Rev. Sikwela who resigned from the party not long time ago he sang praises of PF. We don’t know how many more MPs we should expect to resign before the end of this year.

We regret to inform the nation that we have irrefutable evidence indicating that, in an effort to increase party representation in parliament, some senior PF members are inciting elected members from the wards and constituencies to resign. They are promising them that they will be supported by government when by-elections are called after their resignations.

We are also aware that, with the voter registration taking place in Lusaka’s show grounds, the party is busy ferrying party members to register as voters in places where by elections are expected. And when the election time comes, voters are taken to vote in those areas. This is exactly what happened in the just ended election in Mufumbwe wHere the area Member of Parliament resigned and was adopted by the ruling party and using the same formula we are talking about, he retained the seat. As a party, we condemned these maneuvers aimed at increasing the number in parliament at the expense of national development.

We also feel extremely disturbed with these resignations because the money we are going to spend on by-elections created could be used to pay off retirees, service our hospitals, schools, creating industries for youths to have jobs, to provide efficient service delivery and to build up general infrastructure in the country.

You make a close look at the state of public institutions and service deliveries you will realize that we are still very far backward. And an explanation coming from government suggests that these activities can only be addressed only when there is money. But when there is a by election, government will always find money to finance it.

For us to finance these bye-elections created by the resignation of selfish MPs is a share waste of time, resources are sending a very bad precedence of our political culture in this country. Further, what is happening in our political culture is an indication that, we have no preference as a nation.

For this reason we reiterate our earlier position where we suggested for a new electoral law to be included in our laws that will prevent an elected person from defecting to another political party.

An MP who resigns should not be allowed to re-contest the seat for a period of 5 years. Better still; no by-election should be called in place where an elected official resigns with a justifiable cause. The candidate who had the second highest number of votes in the constituency should automatically represent the people in the constituency instead of wasting money.

Issued by

Edwin Sakala

National coordinator


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