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The way Kabwata votes determine how people will be treated- Kambwili

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PATRIOTIC FRONT (PF) party member Hon. Dr. Chishimba Kambwili says the Kabwata by-election outcome will determine how the standard of living will be for the Zambian people going forward.

Hon Kambwili said voting for the UPND Candidate in the Kabwata by-election on Thursday will mean the people have given Government a go ahead to increase electricity tariffs among other things.

He said it is for this reason that the people of Kabwata should speak on behalf of other Zambians that they are not happy with the increase in commodity prices by not voting for UPND candidate.

“You have got the power to show the UPND Government that you are not happy with all the lies that have characterised their stay in office. They promised cheap mealie meal, cheap electricity but non of these is happening,” he said.

He has cautioned the residents that voting for UPND will mean the increase in prices of commodities will continue under the current Government.

Hon Kambwili has also noted that pressure piled by the PF has made the UPND government to reduce fuel pump prices by K1.

“Once you vote for them, it means you have given them the green light to increase electricity tariffs in June. If you don’t vote for them, they will know that things are not okay. They will further reduce the fuel prices beyond the K1,” he said.

Meanwhile, PF Kabwata by-election Deputy Campaign Manager Hon Mwimba Malama has urged Kabwata residents to vote for PF Candidate Clement Tembo on Thursday.

“When we were telling you that things will become worse when you vote for the UPND you thought we were joking?…The people of Kabwata Mwitusebanya pantu batila ati ukukokola panengo, Malole,” he said.

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