I have a dossier, someone will cry – Kambwili

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NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili has warned that President Lungu and his friend Valden Findlay will regret should they arrest and take him to court.

Kambwili has warned that he has gathered more data on Findlay’s ill-dealings saying taking him to court will provide an opportunity for him to tell the Nation.

‘Wins azalila (someone will cry), just wait I have a dossier,’ Kambwili warned.
The NDC outspoken leader said a number of people including Ministers have provided him with information on Findlay and President Lungu.

Kambwili who read a letter by Findlay’s lawyers to him asking him to retract his statement said he cannot be intimidated.

He charged that he was up to task and wondered how a private citizen would threaten another with defamation of the President. Kambwili questioned how Findlay who is not president or government official would threaten him of defamation.

Kambwili charged that Findlay had captured the state saying he had been flying around with the President even went to the extent of taking pictures on the entrance of State House, the restricted area.

The NDC leader who is already in court for another defamation case has promised to put more pressure on President Lungu.

‘Kindly follow proceedings as I INCREASE THE VOLUME!’ stated Kambwili earlier in an invitation for his Facebook live broadcast press briefing.


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