You are a Coward, Kambwili dares Lungu after radio studio attack

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National Democratic Congress Leader, Dr Chishimba Kambwili has dared Republican President to face him politically and not use under hand methods to intimidate him.

Kambwili said this in a statement after escaping lynching from Patriotic Front youths at a radio station in Kabwe.

“What a coward! Face me politically not using unruly cadres and police officers to intimidate me,” Kambwili said in a statement.

Kambwili also said that the cadres who attacked him are the same ones who attacked council workers and that the police are handicapped to help.

“President Lungu sends the same thugs (who) he sent to beat up protesting council workers to attack me during my radio program. PF cadres broke into the power fm studio insulting and threatening to kill me all because I was on radio, the PF cadres who were armed tore down window panes and broke the radio station property,” he complained.

Kambwili also asked Lungu to leave him alone since he fired him and made sure he lost his Parliamentary seat, so he must just let him exercise his democratic right.

“You fired me from government because you fear me, you removed me from parliament because you fear me, and now that I am in the opposition you are arresting and attacking me every day”, the Opposition leader bemoaned.

Meanwhile the cadres arrived at the Radio station when Kambwili was making his concluding remaks and forced their way into the studio by breaking the door, demanding that the programme be stopped immediately.

The cadres tried to drag Kambwili out of the studio but his team, led by NDC Central Province chairperson Jerry Chama shielded him.

In the fracas, the PF cadres tore Chama’s shirt and vandalized some radio station property.

Moments later, Kabwe central PF chairperson Sam Lulupa arrived and ordered his cadres to go outside the studio so that he could talk to Kambwili, which they obliged.

Lulupa apologized to Kambwili saying what the cadres had done was wrong but hastened to caution him to use “respectful language”.

Lulupa then proceeded to address the PF cadres who waited outside the studio.

Meanwhile, Kambwili condemned the thuggery behavior of the PF cadres and told journalists that police were afraid to act.

“First they went and beat up council workers, today they came to stop the program, unruly behavior; police have been called but they are nowhere to be seen because they have been threatened. What happened in Sesheke has sent shivers to the police, so wherever PF is involved; making noise or causing violence, police cannot move in because they are scared of losing their jobs, they have got families to feed,” he said.

“But I think by and large what the people of Zambia need to do; is to remove these people. I have said on this issue of saying leaders are stealing, I am ready to die. These people, what they are supposed to do is to stop stealing; that’s so. Once they stop stealing, then there will be no problem. But if they continue stealing and when we talk about their stealing, their cadres come to attack us; I am ready to be attacked, even to die on behalf of the people of Zambia. We cannot continue running a country where it’s free for them to steal public resources and when we talk, you bring unruly cadres. For me, I will not be that coward.”

Police only arrived at the scene 40 minutes after the fracas began despite Kabwe’s central police being located close to Power FM studio station.

The officers failed to arrest the PF cadres who were still at the premises despite NDC media director Emmanuel Malite telling them that they had trespassed and vandalized property, among other things.

Police instead offered to sneak Kambwili out of the studio.


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