Zimbabwe to build Mugabe’s burial site for 30 days

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Zimbabwe will take 30 days to build a burial site for former president Robert Mugabe, reports Zambian Eye Correspondent in Harare.

It means the remains of Mugabe will have to be kept waiting for the construction of the burial site at the famous Heroes Acres in Harare.

A family spokesperson has confirmed the development bringing to end the debate between Government and family on where the former Zimbabwe strongman will be buried.

A lot of work has to be done at the Heroes Acres, family spokesperson Leo Mugabe says before the former president can be buried.

The family had wanted to bury Mugabe private in his home village away from the capital.

A conciliation has been reached that the state hold a national funeral service on Saturday at Mugabe’s Mansion which is expected to be attended by serving and former Presidents.

On Sunday a funeral procession will be held at Heroes Races where a 21 gun salute will be done by Armed forces in honor of Mugabe.

The burial will not take place after 30/days when the state will complete constructing a special resting site. This ceremony will be done private by the family.

Meanwhile serving and former Heads of State have started arriving in Harare for the funeral on Saturday.

Noted among those who arrived on Friday was former South African president Thabo Mbeki.


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