HH urges SADC and UN to protect Mugabe

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File: HH and GBM waves at Supporters during a court hearing

United Party for National Development President Hakainde Hichilema has expressed concern at the turn of events in Zimbabwe.

Speaking to reporters at the High Court grounds where he had escorted losing UPND losing candidate in the Lusaka Central Constituency Charlotte
Scott, Hichilema said  he does not support dictatorship in any way, but  that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe must be protected.
He said it was worrying that President Robert Mugabe and the army were failing to negotiate and find a solution to safe guide the lives of the many Zimbabwean people.
He urged SADC and the UN to protect Mr. Mugabe and ensure that peace and sanity prevails in that country.
“We are concerned with the situation in our neighboring country Zimbabwe, we have sisters and brothers who are in that country. The situation is terrible and we can only ask SADC and UN to immediately intervene to ensure that no lives will be lost.
“We don’t support dictatorship in any way, but arresting him and keeping him under the military will not help solve a problem. They can have good intentions but he must be protected and respected because he has been head of state for that country for so long. We can urge our colleagues to find means of ensuring that Robert Mugabe and the Army can dialogue through SADC.
“The current happenings in Zimbabwe would have been prevented, SADC knew about this situation long time ago, if only they had put measures before the current situation. We all know what has been happening in Zimbabwe, but SADC was toothless, was quite about the dictatorial lunacy but today they are trying to resolve a problem that was created way back. We can wish them well, but serves as a lesion to many issues surrounding African politics today” he said.
He also urged the Zambian government to issue a security alert to safe guard Zambians in that country.
“A lot of careless statements has been issued by our colleagues, we can only advise them to stop issuing careless statements and issue a security alert instead for Zambians in that country”
“Lives of those Zambians in Zimbabwe has to be protected at all cost. There lives are more important and we must insure that they are well protect until the end of this impasse,” he said.


2 Responses to HH urges SADC and UN to protect Mugabe

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  2. This is how a president should be speaking, not those drunkards, who want to be in front as if they are Sadec chairman.
    He was taking in Egypt as if he doesn’t know that Siisi, also over through the government. Chagwa are the one keeping Grace? Why all of a sudden you want to be a champion., how come other surrounding countries are not talking ? Why you.

    Thandiwe kumbi
    November 17, 2017 at 12:08 am

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