M’membe has seen through the desperation of HH – Tayali

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Fred M'membe

Fred M’membe

I am so glad that Fred M’membe has refused to be fooled by desperate HHSC. Fred has also told HHSC to his face that his party is tribal which is exactly want have been talking about on the Quota document which they (UPND) have failed to bring to light.



I just wish many people would see through HH. This is man could be the most dangerous dictator Zambia has ever had because he is too desperate. He is willing to do anything just to get to State House.

HH carrying logIn these past months HHSC has been everything from a cook on the streets, pounding, carrying logs, DJ, a Church elder, Village headman, pilot, name it, HHSC is able to do just to get votes. Awe mwebantu (no people) this is too much, this man is fake.

Fred has his weaknesses like anybody else but make no mistake to fool him, rather he would fool you. Ba Fred set his agenda and move with it. At the moment his agenda is Socialism which is the opposite of what HH believes in.

HH with Kabimba before the briefing

HH with Kabimba before the briefing

Actually I wondered how Wynter Kabimba wants to associate with HHSC because these two people can’t just mix in character and ideology. From my point of view I can trust Wynter than HH because the former is a bit more straight and knows how to empower people. Don’t expect money from Wynter but he will give you a job. On the contrary HHSC does not give immediate help nor does he employ people to help them but to make profit.

HHSC has many companies but how much do his workers get paid. We all know the story of Late Simusamba or if you want just check how his Body Guards live. You can see the poverty on the faces of his Bodyguards especially the man who was also body Guard to Mazoka. The man is diligent and has been with HH all along but I doubt if this man even has a house of his own.

HHSC is really no good for this Country and I will die saying it. Edgar Lungu has his weaknesses but has a heart for people while HH has a heart from money.



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