K8.5 million spent on ghost students irks COBUSU

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The payment of K8.5 million to ‘ghost’ students by Ministry of Higher Education has annoyed the student leadership at the Copperbelt University.

The Auditor General’s report revealed that the Ministry of Higher Education paid K8.5 million to non-students in the year ended 2016.

But Copperbelt University Students Union (COBUSU) president Njikho Musuku described the payment as corrupt, adding that it is selfish for leaders to plunder public resources at the expense of suffering masses.

In a statement, Musuku said it was high time Zambians demanded accountability from leaders plundering the nation’s resources.

“Zambian people should rise to the occasion and hold selfish leaders, who are up to plunder and are deeply inclined to dubious and corrupt acts of obtaining public funds, accountable and answerable for their sins. We demand that the law visits them,” Musuku said.

“It is high time we spoke against such financial irregularities taking place in these offices; more especially in times where these same public office barriers come out in public to make false claims that government does not have sufficient resources to run the affairs of the nation whilst they are handsomely funded.”

He expressed disappointment that the ministry was failing to meet its obligations to students whilst officials plundered the resources.

He noted that over 500 students at the institution did not receive their project monies while ministry officials failed to give reasons as to why they did not receive their project allowances.

“We urge Anti-Corruption Commission to with immediate effect institute investigations and thoroughly probe the ministry of Higher Education Ministry for misapplication of public funds and the possible embezzlements of public resources. We would also want to lodge in our humble appeal as students that His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu should not let all those individuals with issues to sort and cleanse themselves with investigative agencies as they continue holding on to their respective ministerial positions as this will enhance transparency and equal application of law without interference.

“In 2016, over 500 CBU students did not receive their project allowances and no reason was given as to why that happened. In addition, up to this time we still have over 550 unregistered first year CBU students who have not been given bursary hoping a listening government will positively respond to them. Over months now, the ministry which is fully aware of this has been silent after asking students to appeal for consideration. It is inhuman to keep students in uncertainty as they do not know their fate. This kind of recklessness must be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians. Such levels of rapacity and venality should not be left unchecked,” Musuku said.



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  2. Why is it that a country you call christian has such rampant thefts and corruption is God really happy with Zambia .Corruption and theft is everywhere don’t we know that it is SIN before God , no wonder we are not blessed !

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