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04 July 2022

Today in Gonde in Monze District, we were delighted and honoured to be part of thousands of fellow Zambians and tourists that converged on the traditional site to participate in the festivities of 26th Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony of the BaTonga people.

As you might be aware, the ceremony is a celebration of the way of life of the Tonga speaking people, that evolves around the culture of farming that has been part of their heritage for centuries.

We told His Royal Highness Chief Moonze Mukulukulu “Nchete ilya Mabwe”, the Custodian of ‘Lwiindi Gonde’, and other Royal Highnesses present, and indeed all Zambians, that traditional ceremonies were not only reservoirs of peace and oneness, but also pillars of the preservation, expression and manifestation of our rich cultural heritage and identity.

We took note of the distinguished presence of His Majesty Nkosi yama Khosi Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people. This is indeed the way it should be, to gather together in peace and tranquility; unity in diversity should be protected fellow citizens.

We underscored our firm conviction that the same people our traditional leaders serve are the same citizens we serve and urged them, to compliment our efforts as Government to innovate together, to include and not exclude, to give to the people and not take away from them, through corruption and theft.

To that end, we reaffirmed our Government’s commitment to continue promoting various cultural tourism products in line with our policy of creating business opportunities and decent jobs for our people, and we believe that cultural sites and ceremonies if commercially sustained, can be a source of income to many of our people.

We also urged relevant government Ministries to ensure that culture sites are issued with title deeds to avoid encroachment and vandalism of these important and sacred areas.

Hakainde Hichilema,
President of the Republic of Zambia.


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